Pictures by: Pau

I was so sure, I almost said ‘never’ (which you know you should actually never say… it comes back to you)! I’ve already worn flared jeans when I was about, what 19? And the 70s was trending once more (as it does quite often), so this time I thought to myself, I’m not doing the flare yet again. True, the new version is altogether more alluring than the one I used to own those many, many eons ago (sometimes I feel soooo old). I remember those jeans didn’t even had buttons or a zipper, you had to lace them up! Oh, the horror now that I think of them. Anyway, back to the present and out of memory lane. I was actually obsessed with the cutout flare denim from H&M trend, that wasn’t in stock yet (I’m not a mind reader, I saw them on a magazine and was desperately waiting for them). But then browsing through Weekday, which is a pleasure especially during sales, I came up with this wide legged, kind of flared denim trousers, and thought ‘why the hell not?’ So, a few days later here I am, sporting my new set of jeans which frankly I love! Giving myself a pat on the back now!

Jacket: Pull&Bear, Jumper: Malene Birger, Belt: Mango, Jeans: Weekday, Shoes: Uterqüe, Bag: Little Liffner



1. Isabel Marant Etoile jacket, 2. Jane Koenig large horn earrings, 3. H&M scarf, 4. Whistles bucket bag, 5. Marc by Marc Jacobs skirt, 6. Jane Koenig bracelet, 7. Marc by Marc Jacobs trainers







   Pictures by: Pau

Yes, yes, I’ve been a bit lazy with my posts as of late, but there’s a perfectly good reason behind it. There are a lot of changes happening at Hiphunters, you know, where I work. So, you definitely need to stay tuned. Also, I’ve got plans for the blog, nothing major but you’ll see. Anyway, for today we’re going fringy (is that even a word? Don’t know but you know what I mean right?). Loved this skirt from the moment I layed eyes on it, but was highly overpriced, so lucky for me (I guess patience does get rewarded at times) I got it on sale! Have worn it quite a bit now, but this is its first appearance here. You’ll see more of it, trust me, as well as my gorgeous Alpaca (100% Peruvian) camel coat!

Skirt: Bimba y Lola, Shirt: MiH Jeans, Jumper: Zara, Coat: Kuna (Peruvian Alpaca Brand), Socks: Asos, Mules and bag: Alexander Wang, Earring: Vibe Harsløf






   Pictures by: Pau

In the game of prints, I’ve discovered that rules are becoming quite bendalbe, for lack of a better word. Or maybe, there aren’t any rules anymore, and in my humble opinion there shouldn’t be! Well, I’m not very fond of wilder prints such as flowers, paisley or insect drawings decorating certain garments, but I am very enamoured with pintstripes, lines of all types and of course, plaid… I do loooove plaid. Some of you may call it checks or tartan, which yes, are definitely a bit different from one another, but you get the gist don’t you? Today I decided to play a bit, and since I’m keeping it in a similar palette I think everything matches quite nicely. A plus to my look, this H&M sweatshirt I got on sale. Quite versatile with all those zippers… oh the possibilities! I’m already getting ideas!

Coat: Ganni, Sweatshirt: H&M, Shirt: Zara (men), Trousers and bag: Zara, Trainers: Adidas, Shades: Dolce & Gabbana, Earrings: Ryan Storer






   Pictures by: Pau

I’ll let you in a little secret, I’m not a 70s fan at all, but this trousers (although they do remind me of the era) I adore. I’ve worn them loads of times, and strangely enough I’ve never had the chance of taking pictures of them! Don’t know why really. Plus another fun fact about them… I really thought my mum (who is my number 1 fan but also my number 1 critic) would hate them, and she actually loves them as much as me. She even wanted to try them on, but I stopped that from happening! (Scary emoji would most surely follow)! Anyway, these are just pics of a Friday afternoon outfit, hope you enjoy them!

Trousers: MSGM, Shirt: Isabel Marant, Jumper: Zara, Shoes: Uterqüe, Shades: Céline, Ear-cuff: & Other Stories







   Pictures by: Pau

Forgot my shades today, so I that usually not take pics without them… (don’t think of myself as photogenic and the images are about the clothes not my face) had to go for an almost ‘bare’ look. Fine, I’m wearing my glasses, and I do feel a bit protected by those. Anyway… who cares right?

Last time I sported my new favourite trainers, I was all about the dress I had on, so I thought this time I’d make it all about the shoes. Stella, thank you for creating these beauties, there’s not a single day I don’t want to wear them, and bear in mind I’m a heels kind of gal! So, even if the saying goes, ‘not everything that glitters is gold,’ let me tell you something… these are gold! (And I just dug myself a hole here, since I think I’ve lost the argument to my cousin that they’re actually bronze coloured. Oooops)!

Top: T-by Alexander Wang, Jumper: Carin Wester, Skirt: H&M, Socks: COS, Trainers: Stella McCartney (here or here), Glasses: Chanel (old), Clutch: Vanilla Fly








   Pictures by: Viviana

Striving for comfort these days, especially with my mum still around I need to be as comfy as possible since she wants to raid stores everywhere (you know, sales season… it’s only reasonable). On another subject, it’s not as cold as you’d expect it out here, which truthfully is quite a disappointment, but I’ve been layering up anyway. So, conclusion of the day: comfort and layers, that’s what this outfit is all about! And since I’m out of words today… the only thing left I have to add is, have you checked out my new jacket? It’s from H&M men, got it on sale and I’m absolutely loving it!

Jacket: H&M Men, Jumper: By Malene Birger, Scarf: José Miguel Valdivia, Culottes: Mango, Boots: Derek Lam, Bag: Zara



Bimba & Lola is one of the best places to shop while on sales! They do major discounts so you can have what you’ve craved all season. In my case, I got a fringy skirt (which I’ll feature soon enough), but I’m still thinking about these babes, especially the orange furry sweatshirt. What do you think? Worth it?

Orange furry top, Metallic jacket, Fringy jumper








   Pictures by: Viviana

Let me start by saying I was in the midst of a general closet clean-up when I came across a long lost friend: an oversized biker jacket with contrast leather sleeves. I used to love… no in fact adore that jacket/almost coat, but the leather sleeves started bothering me quite a while ago. I placed it on the ‘to give away pile,’ but after a bit I had to go get it back. (You know, the little voice inside my head didn’t really leave me at ease). I couldn’t do it, not just yet. So, what was I going to do with a piece I loved but wasn’t convinced on wearing anymore? A riddle to solve… but it hanged in my closet once again. Two days later (yes, that’s how long it takes me sometimes to get ideas) I had a light bulb moment. I took the jacket out and started taking off the sleeves. Genius!!! I was turning my beloved garment into an oversized biker vest, and now I just can’t seem to have enough days to wear it! Reinvention on the making lovelies… Best plan I’ve had in a long while!

Biker vest: Topshop (customised), Jumper: O’2nd, Skirt and socks: COS, Sandals: Prada







   Pictures by: Viviana

While at London, me and my mum had to make a mandatory stop at Topshop. (Was there any doubt at all)? Of course, we also made some other stops, and in between them & Other Stories which I adore  (got some furry gloves there). Anyway, Topshop is always my first place to visit while in the city (I can’t help but love it, and could spend the whole day there) and though I much enjoy their own brand, especially the Boutique variety or Unique, I do take pleasure as well in the ‘new brands’ sponsored by the store section. As a matter of fact, my only two purchases happened right there this time (you know, at Oxford Circus’ Topshop, the floor where there’s the café as well, and you can get your hair done… yep, got it? Right there). One of my found treasures were a pair of customised jeans by a brand I don’t remember right this minute but I will feature, and have in mind because I truly loved everything they did. Second finding, this lovely tunic by House of Sunny. At first, I was doubtful, but I took it to the changing room anyway with a bunch of other stuff (to say the least) and as soon as I put it on… wooooow, I just said it out loud: ‘This I’m definitely taking.’ Done!

Dress: House of Sunny, Jeans and jumper: Zara, Trainers: Stella McCartney