Pictures by: Pau

A little early for sparkly clothing but I’m already with my holiday-mode-on! Sequins are just so precious, and I don’t think I have anything similar to this on my wardrobe… so when I spotted it a couple of days back in a store I rarely (not to say never) enter, I had to snatch it. It is so well made, every tinsy little sequin is sown with such care it’s just unbelievable. Plus, it has that sporty detailing on the bottom and on the sleeves wich makes it much easier to wear… everyday. Or is it to much, to wear every-single-day, no matter the occasion! WHATEVER! I’m doing it. I love to sparkle!!!

Skirt: JW Anderson (old), Sweatshirt: Suite Blanco, Blazer: Etoile Isabel Marant, Clutch: Kzeniya, Trainers: Adidas



There’s a few things I obsess about. LIE!!! Actually, huge lie… a polygraph would have gone out of its orbit with this one! To be totally honest I do obsess frequently, over anything and everything I fancy. Being that clothes -mostly shoes lately- or men, or a job (not necessarily in that order). Whatever you’re thinking about right this second, it probably consumes me! It’s such a huge thing that sometimes I can’t even sleep thinking about it. But come to think of it, that is a woman’s trait right? Mine is just a little bit heightened (maybe I’m a Twilight vampire or… the most reasonable explanation… I need to see a therapist). Well, into my latest and biggest infatuation we go: these glorious, extremely garish, pair of trainers! I’m resisiting like a pro here, but if these babies go on sale soon, I won’t be able to fight these urges much longer, if you catch my drift! I’ll keep you posted…







 Pictures by: Viviana

I must be honest here and say that I’ve been immensely enjoying my mum’s company these past few days (she’s flown all the way from Perú to spend the Holidays with me… wish my sis had done the same though). Although there’s the occasional ‘I-want-to strangle-you’ situation, which happens when you’re 24/7 together, we’ve been having a blast! But the woman, ladies and gents, when she is on holiday cannot get enough of shopping, which for someone who adores the sport, let me tell you… (since she has no ‘off’ switch at least not on sight) is exhausting! Not complaining really, it might seem like it, but really I’m not. Plus there’s always the ‘what are you going to get’ question, thrown lightly while she’s trying on a pile of clothes. Last time she asked we where at COS, and I so happened to like this A-line, grey skirt (see the one in the pics?) so I honestly said I was going to get that. But my mum, being the ‘mother hen’ she is, took it off my hands with a smile, and with a ‘I don’t get to pamper you often’ got it for me. Isn’t she a dear!!! So here I am now, two days in a row wearing the same skirt… Of course, I’ve styled it differently each time! Duh!

Skirt and socks: COS, Jumper: Zara, Blazer: Isabel Marant, Bag: Little Liffner, Boots: Derek Lam







 Pictures by: Viviana

Truthfully, I feel like an onion here, but it is time (since winter is taking its time to fully arrive) to put on stuff and take off -some- stuff. We don’t want to get carried away! Well, this wrap skirt might seem new, but it’s not really… I got it like 2 months ago but since it’s wool, hadn’t had the chance to wear it, and now it seems a little too chilly to wear it as it was intended, so I thought ‘why not over trousers’? (Or jeans anyaway). And you know what? Even if it seems a bit odd, I like it. Maybe it’s because since I got this shoes, whatever I throw on seems delightful… I’m nuts aren’t I? (Retoric question, though you might want to comment on that… I won’t mind)!

Jeans: Zara (customized), Shoes: Uterqüe, Wrap skirt: Zara, Top: T-by Alexander Wang, Blazer: Isabel Marant Etoile, Bag: Little Liffner, Shades: Tom Ford



1. Jumper: Brunello Cucinelli, 2. Shoes: Chloé, 3. Sequin skirt: Cedric Charlier, 4. Feathered culottes: Chloé, 5. Earrings: Shashi, 6. Sweatshirt: Wood Wood

Did you notice? There’s something about me and feathers… also everything that sparkles! Can’t help it!







Pictures by: Viviana

Have to tell you I’m ecstatic! I’ve found (nope, not the Stella McCartney flatforms) the masculine shoes I’ve been hoping for. Quite a good price, leather of course, and yes, a hint of Stella (more than a hint… but hey, it is what it is)! So, I’ve been taking these beauties for a stroll for three days now, and I don’t think I will be taking them off anytime soon. To be completely honest, I would sleep with them if I could. Comfy, comfy, and trendy!!! Today, I decided to pair them with my green wide trousers, and a military green shirt I found at… Zara! (Good guess lovelies). Actually, my turtleneck is from Zara as well. What is not, is my wonderful, fabulous, out of this world, extra long scarf, which is from a Peruvian friend, and a favourite designer I might add, José Miguel Valdivia. It’s 100% Alpaca and one of a kind, so if you’re thinking about something unqiue, especially for this Christmas, you might as well have to order one of these… TOTALLY WORTH IT! Do tell me if you do!

Scarf: José Miguel Valdivia, Trousers: Front Row Shop, Roll neck jumper: Zara, Shirt: Zara, Shoes: Uterqüe, Shades: Céline


Yes people, I’m one of those specimens who love to decorate for Christmas right around… the end of October sounds about right… yup. Sorry!!! I do love, adore, live for (I would probably marry it) Christmas! So anyway, you might have guessed right, I do watch every possible holiday ad there is and must say, last years Christmas card from The Man Repeller + Rebecca Minkoff was hilarious, but this year Anna Kendrick for Kate Spade is the ultimate winner. Anna, don’t think you’re reading this but I’m putting it out there anyway, looooove how funny you are, even if you’re not trying to be, and of course hats off to the acting. (Iris Apfel, wouldn’t have been the same without your cameo… and do want to try that champagne with a straw, seems fun and probably will get drunk a lot faster). Well, that was about it, enjoy Anna’s waiting game right here!


wishes-wishesWishes, wishes, I cannot get enough… Lovelies, I’ve been with a horrid cold these past days so of course, even if the season is all about Santa and Rudolph, I didn’t want to resemble any of them and have made no pictures. No worries though, I’ll be fine soon and back, better as ever! Hehehe, at least I hope so. (I’ve been eating loads too, since my mum is here to pamper me a bit). Anyway, leaving you with more of my holiday wishes, aka. clothes and shoes!

1. Coat: MSGM, 2. Turtleneck: Chanel (vintage), 3. Shoes: Rochas, 4. Loafers: Hogan, 5. Socks: Alto Milano, 6. Skirt: Marni





Pictures by: Pau

I’ll admit that this particular jumper makes me look even chubbier than usual, but guess what? I love it so much I just don’t care! It is my only remaining piece from the Maison Martin Margiela x H&M collection, which I kind of dismissed at first, but coming to think of it (with no disrespect to other collections and designers), has been my favourite collaboration so far. I went crazy the night before it was available to everyone (only time I’ve been invited to the pre-sale great event) and got the mirror-ball leggings -which I took back the next day- the candy clutch, and the sock jumper. Later my mum got me the beige oversized jumper as a gift! With time though, I’ve been getting rid of such items. The clutch I didn’t use anymore, the beige turtleneck turned a bit grey if you must know, and whatever happened to the sock jumper… I have no idea. Anyway, THIS oversize knit still dwells in my closet, and I intend to keep it that way! I think I never knew I loved it so, sooooo much!

Jumper: MMM x H&M, Trousers: Topshop Boutique, Shoes: Proenza Schouler



I must definitely suffer from some sort of disease, because I cannot help myself when it comes to shoes! Really, they’re my Achilles heel (pun totally intended)! Every site I browse, every shop I enter, my eyes immediately wonder to the shoe section, because let’s be honest, they make you feel like a princess! I blame Cinderella for that, and the fact that yes, yes, a new pair of shoes does change your life, at least for the seconds to follow the purchase and the first time you wear them. Of course the change just might end up being some blisters on your feet for wearing new shoes the entire day, but hey, who cares about that right? No pain, no gain darlings! Anyway, I’ve come by these two lovely pairs from Topshop and I’m soooo tempted, but I’m thinking I might just take the highway this time and be sensible (must be out of my mind). What do you think?

Rizzo feather strap sandals,  Perfect premium Ghillie shoes