Blazer: Topshop, Trousers: Alexander Wang, Denim shirt with pocket details: Mother, Dark denim shirt: Current/Elliott, Shoes: Loeffler Randall, Bag: Tonya Hawkes, Ear cuff: Eddie Borgo



Undeniably. All of us who have been lucky enough to experience and savour the agony of love can attest to it: love hurts.

My affection in this case, other than being the greatest infatuation there is, is not actually a matter of the heart. It’s a matter of feet. I’m talking about my love for shoes, and strangely enough just like the ‘regular’ kind of love, it makes me bleed everytime… literally! I still remember the most memorable shoes that have taken a spot in my closet from an early age. My dad was keen on supplying some of the greatest pairs. I distinctively recall a pair of sea green coloured flats, with a huge silver buckle he brought me once from a trip to Brazil. Don’t know if they are the reason that hue is particularly special to me, but they certainly were. Another fun pair, also provided by my fashion-forward dad, were these crazy Reebok hightop trainers, which were half lilac, half mint, and featured drawings of little dogs. To top it all, there were tiny plastic bones hanging from their laces. A true wonder! Even today I ask myself what was I thinking not to keep those even if they didn’t fit anymore! Anyway, memory lane is closed and what we have now is where that road my parents unadvertedly nudged me into, has taken me… the insane relationship that is me and my footwear.

Just a few days back, someone posted an article on facebook about how high heels can damage your feet. I read it, uninterestedly to be honest, and of course made no impact on me whatsoever, because I knew that whatever it said my love would remain intact, if not stronger. It’s exactly like when your parents tell you not to date this one guy because he might be trouble, it triggers something within you and you just have to do it. My very wise father (and you’ll see why I say this) told me once that there was one thing you could not be cheap about, and that was shoes. Feet are the pilars of your body and should always be comfortable. (You have no idea what you did dad, I haven’t been tightfisted at all)! But no matter how greatly qualified my purchases are, they still manage to make me see the stars and not in the right way. I even had to get rid of my Manolo’s, it was just unbearable to stand in them even if it was only for a minute or two. Conclusion, it’s not them it’s me. (Bet you haven’t heard that before)! My highly pronounced arches, crappy toes and my capability to bloat like a blowfish with the mildest change in temperature make even trainers my worst enemy, and what sprouted this ranting was actually my latest defeat. My recent pair of ugly shoes, comfy as they may seem to the naked eye, have left me with a series of blisters it makes me wonder if I should just give it up and go barefoot! Wait, I just laughed at myself! Truth is, NO WAY IN HELL. And as they usually say… this too shall pass.






Pictures via: Raquel

For as long as we can remember, the corset has been the epitome of sexiness and femininity. When it first came to be it was to shape women’s bodies, grant support and create the illusion of the tiniest waist. All very desirable traits for men. Anyway, come the XXIst century and it’s a whole different story, unless you’re on the Burlesque scene, then I guess the latter still applies. Nowadays irony is ruling over fashion and whatever was supposed to go underneath a certain garment, you might just find it on top (on the best of ways). Skirts have found their way to overlap trousers, crop tops are being sported over shirts and tees, so why should the corset be any different? This has been, in a nutshell, the reasoning behind my outfit today, and of course the other question was, why shouldn’t spots get along with stripes? No rule for that either. Great! On we go! I have started to extend myself the invitation to think outside the box a little bit more and I’m developing a taste for it.

On a different note, I must note (totally redundant) that this is the famous corset I received as a gift a couple of weeks back. Must thank you Jose for the wonderfulness this piece is. Really, thank you!

T-shirt: COS, Corset: José Miguel Valdivia, Jeans: Cheap Monday, Slides: Birkenstock, Shades: Dolce & Gabbana

Dedicated to Jose.



I pride myself on being a high-heel shoe lover but last year I started a very decent trainer collection, which hasn’t really grown much, but still it was like entering the twilight zone for me. I blame this transition on kitten-heels, which taught me that somedays comfort is just what’s needed (I own two pairs, but must add flat shoes have not made it into my closet yet). Up to that point everything was fine, until I set my eyes on that first pair of Birkenstocks, and then -surely, it was then- it all started.

By summer 2013 the ugly shoe was just beginning to take root on all fashionistas and of course, I didn’t want to be left behind, so I told myself (very convincingly) I just had to own them. In came the Birkenstocks and with them my mum’s criticism. She reminded me that when these were, I don’t want to say ‘trend’ but rather being worn by everyone in the 90′s, I simply found them hideous. But let’s face it, back then, they totally were! And that’s the thing with fashion, one day the item in question can be seemingly horrid and by the next it’s like chocolate cake sprinkled with diamonds (note to self: save the gems, eat cake later)! Anyway, getting back to date and subject, forward to summer 2014 and I’m the proud owner of 3 (and this is still quite a low number) pairs of ugly shoes. Got to thank Isabel Marant for that (though I opted for a cheaper version from Dune and in nude, very pretty) and maybe Adidas? Then again, my latest acquisition resembles the pool slides but in a much fancier way. So, in view of all this, I have to say that the ‘ugly shoe’ -looking rather beautiful to me- is still in diapers and is not going anywhere for a while, and the fashionista in me is rather keen on wearing them with socks this next fall.

Slides: Bimba Y Lola (on sale here)

I would like to dedicate this post to my best friend who bears no love to the ugly shoe, but understands mine.





Pictures by: Rubens “the hottest guy”

Honesty is always the best policy, and in this case I have to say I wasn’t really sure what to wear this morning, so I went for this crop shirt I hadn’t worn yet and my lightweight, very distressed jeans (hopefully the big holes will prevent me from bursting into flames in this heat).

I’m usually taken by particular items in my closet, especially the high-end stuff I try to get as often as I can, but this simple (not that simple if you look closely) shirt that had been hanging there for some days now (which is unusual for me, I usually wear something new the very next day I’ve purchased it) just begged to be worn. The modest garment, had been picked up at H&M the previous week after spotting it first on some other blog. The issue now was what to match it with and you know what? My brain isn’t quite awake yet at 7:00 am, so I opted for the simplest way to go: jeans. After reviewing the outfit, now completely awaken, I have come to the following conclusion. I’ve underestimated the shirt, it is too pretty and deserves to be worn properly with something other than plain old denim. Better luck next time…

Jeans: Rag & Bone, Shirt: H&M, Mules and bag: Alexander Wang, Watch: Longines




Pictures by me

Uncharacteristically of me, I’ve come back from a trip having purchased absolutely nothing at all. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ve come back empty handed. Perú has many things to offer including much more than just a few sartorial treasures, useful info for all of you who haven’t visited my hometown yet, or what used to be my hometown as a child and teenager. Having studied fashion design while in Lima, I made some fashionable acquaintances that later in life turned into long lasting friendships, and here’s where my actual story begins. As said I didn’t shop at all, true, but I did do some digging in my mum’s closet where I found a vintage linen beige suit, featuring very wide trousers, and in one of my best friend’s closet, where I found some true BF ripped jeans. But the cherry on top of my cake came a little bit after when my good mate Jose made me the best gift ever! Yep. Jose (José Miguel Valdivia) is a true Peruvian fashion designer with a great grasp on fashion history and the ability to meet ethnic elements with contemporary ideas, and what I love the most is that he never fails to project the true essence of Peruvian traditions by using the most noble and characteristic fabrics we’ve got (eg. alpaca wool). Well, now that you know a little bit about him, let me get to the surprising part (at least I was surprised). After visiting him a couple of weeks back (note: I hadn’t seen him for almost 4 years) we got to chat about fashion (is there anything else?) and while doing so he generously offered me one of his latest skirts, inspired on the typical highland costumes of Perú, with original embroidery! Not happy with that, he custom made me a denim corset to sport at LFW this next season (but you’ll see it sooner than that) and last but not least I got this amazing pure alpaca shawl that I will honestly make it part of my uniform this winter. Designer goodies for free… that hardly ever happens to me! I will be styling up these babies in no time, and if you like what you see, which I truly believe you will, and you find yourself roaming the streets of Lima at some point, do pay him a visit, you will be amazed!

Before I end my story, I have another special thing to tell, and this happened just minutes before boarding my flight back home. My mum is a very sensible person when it comes to shopping and she rarely understands why I would spend so much money on clothing. Nevertheless, while accompanying me to my departure gate, we decided to take a little detour and enter a very well established alpaca/vicuña wool apparel store (after all, we’re always early and I had time to spare). In just a few seconds I spotted the greatest vicuña coat I’d ever set eyes on. Being that this kind of animal is rare and a protected species, its wool is hard to come by and needless to say, very expensive. So a bit resigned, my eye lingered towards the nearest rack, and there it was… the same coat but made in its alternative fabric: alpaca wool (20 times less expensive). I tried it on and even if the price was still kind of steep, I cannot imagine what my face must have looked like or how did it glow when I had it on (probably like Rockefeller Centre at Christmas), that my mum simply couldn’t resist the urge of buying it for me. I don’t think I’ve ever received a more precious gift from her, sartorially speaking… and like all the other garments I have retreived from this trip, I cannot wait to wear it and most likely never take it off.

 Skirt and shawl: José Miguel Valdivia, Coat: Kuna



Think there’s no explanation needed after the title. I just cannot wait for winter to get here so I can sport all these lovely new season clothes!

Trousers: Joseph, Bracelet: Balenciaga, Beanie: Tak.Ori, Skirt: Christopher Kane, Cardigan: Atto, Boots: Laurence Dacade





Pictures by: V.Falcone

Ready to go enjoy a family reunion and meal, of course! Nothing is better here at home than getting together with your loved ones and having a proper lunch… and a bit of good wine (was there any doubt about that?)! So, hoping you’re enjoying your Sunday as much as I am. Have a good one!

Lista para disfrutar de un domingo familiar y una buena comida! Nada es mejor que estar en casa y disfrutar de tus seres queridos y de una buena mesa… y un poco de buen vino, obviamente! Así que espero que estéis disfrutando de vuestro domingo tanto como yo! 

Denim jacket: Pull & Bear, Jumper: Benetton, T-shirt: T-by Alexander Wang, Trousers: By Malene Birger, Trainers: Golden Goose Deluxe Brand







Pictures by: V.Falcone

Finally a little bit of layering! I don’t think I’ve told you but I’m on holiday and I’m visiting my family in Perú, so a lot of excitement although it’s going to be  a short period of time. Anyway, here it’s ‘winter’ and I put it this way, because winter in Lima is pretty much summer in the UK, so you can imagine that coats are not really necessary… a bummer for someone who loves cold weather, but can’t complain really. So, today’s outfit involves shirts and jeans, and some booties I hadn’t even worn yet! Yeeey!

Por fin! Un poquito de layering! No os he dicho, pero estoy de vacas y visitando a mi familia en Perú, así que mucha emoción aunque van a ser cortas las vacaciones. Bueno, aquí es invierno, o lo que pretende pasar por invierno, porque es casi como un verano en el Reino Unido así que no es necesario un abrigo, pero no me puedo quejar, me puedo poner más ropa de todas maneras. En resumen, el look de hoy incluye camisas (varias, jajaja) jeans y unas botas que no había ni estrenado! Yeeey!

Jeans and plaid shirt: Zara, Blue shirt: COS, Ankle boots: Derek Lam






Pictures by: V.Falcone

In the mood for a tomboyish look apparently! Don’t know why, maybe it’s the relaxed, easy-going feel of it all, but just wanted to sport my oversize blazer and my true BF jeans (yes, those were ‘stolen’ from a friend’s closet and are naturally worn out). Got to mention as well that I’m on an Isabel Marant frenzy, so wearing two of my latest purchases, the blazer and the jumper. So in love with her!

Con ganas de un look masculino estos días! No sé porqué, de repente es por su feel más relajado y más fácil de llevar también, o una buena escusa para usar mi blazer oversize y mis boyfriend jeans (que de paso son realmente de chico, se los ‘robé’ a un amigo y están naturalmente gastados). Tengo que decir también que estoy últimamente super enamorada de Isabel Marant, y eso explica el que estoy llevando dos piezas suyas, el blazer y el jersey. Me encanta!

Blazer and jumper: Isabel Marant Etoile, Jeans: Levi’s (men’s old), Bag: S. Laurent, Trainers: Golden Goose Deluxe Brand