Yes, I’ve been ‘missing’ for a while but there’s a perfectly good explanation… and it’s name is: work overload. So, since I’m still in that overloaded (damn I need a holiday) area, I thought the least I could do was a quick recap from my February outfits. And here it is… Not many (as usual, what little free time allows me) but hope that in quality they have accomplished their mission. Have a great Tuesday people!







  Pictures by: Pau

Weather is warming up… (ugghhhhh) so yesterday was really my last chance for this lovely turtleneck, which I believe I’ve never featured before. I love this kind of jumpers, but this one is quite special on its own right. Designed by Charlie May… I saw it on the runway last February and I knew, as soon as I layed eyes on it, it had to be mine. Though I first thought I’d go for the navy one, finally I decided for it’s chalk coloured twin. The slits on front and seams that go up to the neck are a nice touch, and the long sleeves, well they’re so fab I can’t even start to explain. It’s a feeling! Hahahaha… Hope you like my outfit then.

Knit: Charlie May, Trousers: Zara (old), Mules: Alexander Wang, Bag: Little Liffner, Pouch: authentic Peruvian craftwork




All grey outfit, without the coat…



And a touch of chic pink, with the coat on!

  Pictures by: Pau

I was prepared for a monochrome outfit today, but the lack of a grey coat made me realise maybe a touch of colour could do no harm. I haven’t disposed of this lovely pink coat yet, though many of my fellow bloggers once the trend is done do get rid of many pieces, I instead keep some… Maybe because I create some form of attachment, or maybe because I feel certain garments are worth keeping even if there ‘not trending’ anymore. Coats for example, I do not choose lightly. These are items that are worth paying (a high price) for but if you intend to keep them for a long period of time, and I did bear that in mind when I bought this candy coloured piece and my Ganni plaid coat for that matter. Yes they are last season, but who cares if I still get excited about wearing them, plus they work just fine with this winter’s trending items, right?

Coat: M&S Collection, Rollneck jumper and necklace: Zara, Sweatshirt: H&M Studio, Culottes: Mango, Trainers: Adidas





  Pictures by: Pau

Not much explanation needed I guess, not today (especially since I’m posting super quick… got loads of work to do)! It’s all about denim lately so I grabbed three items this morning and matched them up. Granted, my jeans are grey and maybe they don’t fit into the ‘trend,’ but I still feel it works just fine. Hope you like my outfit!

Jacket: Pull & Bear, Shirt: MiH, Jumper and jeans: Zara, Heels: Dries Van Noten, Earring: Vibe Harsløf






  Pictures by: Pau

Finally got a haircut! Not exactly what I expected but you know, hairdressers never-ever (at least not the ones I’ve met) do what you really want or have envisioned. Anyway on a more cheerful note, I got to break in my new trainers courtesy of the creative minds behind the Marc by Marc Jacobs brand! I just love them… have a bag from the recent collection on my list now. It’s hard to imagine that I’m so into flats, especially trainers lately. My BFF thinks I’ve been exchanged for someone else. I’m a creature of heels, but these shoes have proven to be both stylish and super comfy, so I’m doting on them as much as I can. What can you do right… they’re trending!

Coat: Kuna, Jumper: H&M, Skirt: COS, Bag: Zara, Shades: Céline, Trainers: Marc by Marc Jacobs


‘I’m looking for corny in my life,’ is the quote I remember the most from The Holiday starring Kate Winslet. After several failed attempts at romance and disastrous relationships, not to mention Valentine’s including the famous (for me at least) ‘I’ve already made plans with my friends’ issue… Yes! I’m definitely looking for a bit of old-fashioned, sentimental love-affair. I’ve been unlucky in love for quite some time now, and trust me I do wonder why. My theory is that as we get older and on this day an age, people just get more cynical and true love bears no meaning anymore. Theories aside, there was a time when I was young (and I mean teenager young) when I had, not exactly a perfect relationship but close enough. (Being realistic I wasn’t going to marry this guy who was my first boyfriend ever, plus I was only 16)! Anyway, he was a sweet boy and he did his utmost best to demonstrate his love for me. Of course, one of my fondest memories is one Valentine’s day.

As teenagers Valentine’s didn’t include a weekend getaway alone, so next best thing was his parent’s beach house, parents included… even mine. Not complaining really, they were all very nice people and at least we got to spend the whole weekend in the same house. There was nothing truly extraordinary about it, no dancing under the stars or cuddling up together, let’s face it we had no privacy for those things. But as I said, he always did his best to make me feel special, and these two things are imprinted in my mind. As a present he got me a heart-shaped photo frame. (It was kind of ugly really, had lace and roses plus it was all in pastel colours. But it’s the thought that counts right)? And I’ve saved the best for last. He baked me (yes he did) a chocolate cake all covered in fudge, and this is a bit fuzzy but I think he tried to draw a heart on it with condensed milk although it didn’t stick. Who does that anymore? Wasn’t it kind of precious? Yes, corny but totally worth it, and as a Valentine’s gift I hope his current better-half gets to be spoilt a bit by that warm heart of his.







  Pictures by: Pau

Well, the fabulous cold weather (yes I adore winter) we’ve been experiencing in Spain is quite rare and I’m super grateful… I get to wear all my cool clothes! If you’d get a chance to inspect my wardrobe, you’ll notice the grand variety of fall/winter clothing I’ve compiled but almost (and I do mean it, seriously) nothing for summer. I’m not going to say I loathe the season, but it’s not very welcomed… not by me! (Hate the heat)! Anyway, as I was saying, loving these cool days so I’ve bundled up in warm wool today. Wool skirt, jumper, cashmere scarf… mmmm, feels perfect! The wind though, not so much, that’s why my hair just looks so messy and the skirt can’t keep still for pics!!!

Skirt: J.W. Anderson, Jumper: COS, Scarf: H&M, Blazer: Isabel Marant, Mules: Alexander Wang, Socks: Calzedonia, Bag: Zara



And January is over (way over, since it’s the second week of February actually) but time does go by pretty quick and I’ve had no time at all to do a proper recap. So, without further ado, here it goes! This was how the first month of the year looked for me. (Literally). Hope I did at least… decent!







  Pictures by: Pau

Was very windy yesterday, and still I was brave enough to go out without a coat! (I should’ve said, rather dim-witted)! Anyway, I tried to stay cosy with my little vintage fur which I rarely take out for a stroll (as if it were a dog or something, but truly I never wear it really). So, bottom line, this is what I wore yesterday and strangely enough I have nothing else to add… out of words this Friday. Hope you have a good one people!

Jeans: Weekday, Shoes: Uterqüe, Jumper: H&M, Fur: vintage, Shades: Céline



One definitely cannot have it all! I’m super grateful for what I do have, which is plenty, don’t get me wrong… but sometimes you just cannot help but want a bit more. That being said, this is what I’m craving right this second (though my pocket cannot afford it right now). Sad emoticon to follow… People at Whistles, I love your jumpsuit!!!!!

Jumpsuit: Whistles