Crop shirt: Toga Archives, Earrings: Maria Black, Wrap skirt: MSGM, Shades: Dries Van Noten, Belted coat: Isabel Marant Etoile, Skull studded clutch: Alexander McQueen, Pointed flats: Nicholas Kirkwood



Treat yourself to a pro (daily) make-up routine! With Topshop’s new collection, THE FACE, it’s quite easy. You just have to prep with The Primer and The Foundation, banish any blemishes with The Concealer Palette, and finish with nifty contouring and a few strokes of laid-back liner. That is all!

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Pictures by: me

Finally I’ve had the chance of downloading all the pictures on my camera and can give you a glimpse of what went on at LFW! This time was much more exciting than last season, at least for me. Got the chance to hang out with very stylish friends (thanks Cherrelle and Deigh for the wonderful time) and got to meet some new friends, whom I hope to see soon in February! (Gideon, Taz, Oliver, don’t forget about me, will be back soon lovelies)! Anyway, I have very little time to write just now, so I’m very sorry for the lack of creativity, but that’s exactly why I’ve chosen these fabulous pictures, for my first post of London Fashion Week, to make up for it. Check out this girl! Don’t know if she’s a model or not, but she definitely has the attitude… she rocks!


must upload

Almost packed and ready! Leaving first thing tomorrow for London and this time I plan to make the most of Fashion Week. Still, haven’t been able to secure some passes to shows (I would have loved that, so if any kind-soul/designer is reading this, please take pity of me! hahahaha… really please do). Anyway, loads of parties to attend and fun things to do, and will come back next week packed with street style pics, so prepare yourselves! Well, without further ado… till next Wednesday then! Have a nice weekend people!




Shanghai 1930 (a)yvm_MG_5213+5321ok

Shanghai 1930(b)_MG_5213-5335ok

Soie yvm_MG_5340_5493ok

Through black and white photographs and diptychs, Yannick Verdier Monsegur transports us to the core of China, France and Japan. This insight into the atmosphere of Shanghai, Paris and Tokyo encourages us to build-up bridges between Asia and the West.Each photograph depicts a duality between light and shadow, black and white, that shows the two-faces vision of the Photographer and his model : creation and emotion, aesthetics and symbol. The models pose in turn as yin and yang, woman and man, one reflecting the other, one being reflected in the other, the whole set striking a balance. “Urban Yin Yang, in Shanghai, Paris and Tokyo” is a visualization of the spirit of these cities, thanks to the models coming directly from those cities.

Yannick is a very talented photographer I came across on social media and of course, he did not need ask (it was rather me that suggested it) to show his pictures from his upcoming exhibit at Le Pont Des Arts Gallery, this very month. I’m very excited about sharing these with everyone. I personally think, we should support each other in every way possible, and have to say I’m wishing Yannick the best of luck with this new endevour! He has a great eye, so he’s not in need of luck really… but anyway, positive vibes! Check out the wonderful photos!






Pictures by: Rubens

Finally, the shoes are out of the closet and on my feet. Got to say they are very comfortable (as I had guessed), although the infernal weather (yes, it’s still very hot here in Spain) is making it quite impossible to bear suede and fur shoes. Not very smart of me, but who can blame me, they were asking to be taken out! (Right)? I’m thinking of taking my new babies to LFW, don’t know though if that will be very wise… fur + rain… maybe not the best combo either. Plus, even if they’re flats, they are still new and new shoes tend to create blisters if you go around with them all they long. Mmmmm, so many variables to consider. Well, we’ll just have to wait and see, what my heart (and feet) tell me…

Shirt: H&M, Skirt: Carven, Shoes: Anna Baiguera, Shades: Dolce & Gabbana



Well lovelies, had to repost this from The Cablook since there’s a chance to win some money/clothing! Which is always a good reason to post and share!… Here you go, run to her blog and see what this is all about! As you can see, I’m definitely in!



Got to share my new acquistion! For the first time ever (I sound like I Circus Ringmaster) in my closet… a pair of flats! Yes, I know, you’ve seen the ugly shoes and the trainers, but people, these are flats… shoe flats! The thing is I couldn’t resist the colour, the fur and the fact that they have pointy toes, totally on trend but not the way everyone’s doing it. These are kind of different. They are no loafers, no Céline look-alikes, these are totaly unique and original, so I think they’ve won a spot in my closet quite fairly. Plus, I had never heard of this designer before (Anna Baiguera) but I’m starting to like her, since these Italian beauties are as comfy as they look. What do you think?

Flats: Anna Baiguera






Pictures by: Rubens

It seems like forever since I came back from visiting my family in Perú, and came back with some treasures from almost everybody’s wardrobe! (I’m a sartorial thief)! Well, if you don’t want a piece anymore, or haven’t worn it in a while, why not share it or gift it? Right? So, thank you to everyone who let me peruse in their closets, and of course got to thank my mum first. I had been looking for beige wide trousers for what appeared to be an eternity (it was, it really was) and where do I find a pair? Buried between my mum’s ‘don’t-fit-in-those-anymore’ items. Of course I snatched those right away! And they were perfect, in the sense that they were good quality linen and a great option for summer. Hadn’t had the opportunity to take pictures with them though, but I have worn them a thousand times already… so, here they go! See mum, I do wear them!

Shades: Céline, Belt: COS, Trousers: Fina (Peruvian brand), Shoes: Dries Van Noten, Bag: Saint Laurent






Pictures by: Rubens

Culottes! The piece to own this season, and to be honest I already have a few pairs, but mostly for fall (they’re made from wool so not exactly weather -heat- appropriate right now). Well, if you remember correctly I had bought some from Topshop not so very long ago, but even those were too thick and when I spotted this lovely, flowy pair at Monki, I knew they had to be mine. Plus, they have the print which is a must have: the grid or windowpane print! No further reasoning needed, they were in the bag! Actually, I got them probably more than a week ago, but as you know, no camera man to take pics of me wearing them (which I’ve been doing quite a lot since they arrived because other than the fact that they’re perfect, they are so fresh)! So finally, without further ado here they are… oh! and I’m also wearing my beautiful Sundried gift! Did you notice?

Shades: Sundried, Shirt: MiH, Belt: COS, Culottes: Monki, Mules: Alexander Wang