Hi there! I’m Alma, the girl behind the posts!

I’m an architect and a fashion designer with a serious shopping addiction. I love art in every form and have a great background since there are a few artists in my family, from photographers to painters! I love styling, decoration, design…all of it!

I was born to an Italian family but have spent almost my whole life in Lima (Perú) and decided to move back to Europe, and make Madrid my home in 2005, with the idea of pursuing a career in fashion. I ended up working in architecture, which I discovered I’m much more passionate about than I ever thought, but still needed to share my love for fashion some way or another. I found out about blogging a couple of years back and decided to give it a go myself on early 2011.

Luckily for me, architecture and fashion have met at some point. I was part of the designing team, and supervisor of the works, of the Oscar De La Renta store in Madrid, the first ever in Europe. I’ve met some interesting people on the job, and have acquired some designer and blogger friends. I hope in time to improve my blogging skills, and interest you in my styling and photography.

A couple of years back I was hired to work as Fashion Editor/Journalist at Hiphunters.com, writing and reviewing all the editorial content on the magazine and trends at the online store. I’ve left this job recently to devote myself to my blog and try a bit of freelancing, hoping to create editorial content for well established magazines around the globe.

Currently collaborating with TenMag Spain (both on the online and printed edition). You can check out some of my recent work here:

A modern quest, Sartorial indulgence, The run(a)way choice, Primitive rebellion, Dangerous beauty, Fun in the sun, Gender bender and beyond, It’s elementary, The art of lazy

If you by any chance want or need to contact me, please do so by writing to the following email address:  almafalcone@hotmail.com