Well it has been a while all over again, but this time I have to blame it on the darn weather. I think it hasn’t rained so constantly… well, ever to be honest! But Sunday was a sunny day as you can suspect by my choice of title (sunny doesn’t equal warm, just so you know, and I learnt that the hard way… this wasn’t my original outfit). Anyway, even […]


I am in the ‘puffa’ mood today! After watching all the delicious street style pictures from men’s fashion week, and all fashionistas go around in these sort of chunky, fluffy, most definitely cosy jackets, how could I resist to wearing my own? I just couldn’t!!! I have to agree that the current weather here in Madrid calls for a long coat, but hey what would fashion be without a bit […]


What was that line from this terrifying magazine writer on ‘How to lose a guy in 10 days’? Blah, blah, blah… ‘but surprisingly upbeat…’ or something of the sort. Well, I bring this up because this is kinda my Monday mood, a bit dark but nevertheless (and surprisingly) upbeat. Yes I am tired -don’t know why really since I did absolutely nothing yesterday other than watch films all day- yes, […]


Granted, Sunday was a couple of days ago, but better late than never right? And lately I’ve been more about the never so I thought I might change that to the ‘late’, hoping to soon be more about the present… Did I even explained myself right??? Hmmmm… Anyway point is timing, and I haven’t been very good at that these past months. Here’s the deal though, I just wanted to […]


It’s been a busy month, holidays, sales (lots and lots of sales), more holidays and rain in between most days, and now the end of the year is just around the corner!!! Another 365 days gone by in the blink of an eye! Time does fly, or at least it seems like it when you get older, and trust me I am getting older especially this 2017! Ok leaving┬áthat thought […]