Losing it

Uff!!! getting hotter by the minute here! So, today I selected these clothes to go to work. A loose fit is always fresher, I think! I´ve got to say that this Zara skirt has been so good to me, because it is so wearable, you can match it with everything and I have worn it when the weather was a bit chilly and now that it is definitely hot as […]

Scalloped shorts

These shorts are the sweetest ones in my closet, I think, even more than the lace ones. I got them last year from Style Sofia and loved them at once! The colour is really pretty and the scalloped thing, which I thought I would be tired of in a short while, I still like one year later… Paired with a simple t-shirt and this statement necklace I still am fresh […]

Spring colour-block

You can´t imagine how many times I´ve taken this shirt out of my closet, tried it on, and end up wearing something else. It´s not that I don´t love this shirt, because, actually, I do… I think it´s perfect in every way and I thought the same thing when I bought it a year ago, but it´s so hard to keep it from wrinkling the second I have it on! […]

Clash of colours

When I picked out this outfit this morning I wasn´t really convinced it would work, but I tried it anyway (to early to argue with myself). The rust colour of the trousers with the light mint of the jumper…mmm… Through the day though, I really started to like it! Maybe is not a conventional match and maybe it looks like a clash of two colours, but I just know that […]