Pictures by/Imágenes por: Susi Cala It’s been a long time since I’ve worn my Choo’s, so it was about time to take them out of the closet. I really love the touch of colour they add to any outfit, and it’s acid metallic shade! I’m just going to treat them as a staple from now on, and maybe, throw them in the mix of many other outfits! Hace ya mucho […]


Pictures by/Imágenes por: Malú Rojas Since I started seeing this baseball tee pretty much everywhere, I said to myself, I´ve got to have it! It is pretty basic really but very chic, and funny enough I found it at Asos (funny beacuse I always browse Asos so it was quite easy to find) so there´s not much of a story behind it… simple as saw it, wanted it, found it […]


Pictures by/Imágenes por: C.Rojas A safe choice for a friday, something basic and relaxed. Boyfriend jeans are always such a great choice and a sweatshirt… there´s nothing more relaxed than that!!! I feel comfy and perfect for today´s weather (it´s threatening to rain!). Oh well… Of course I have spiced up the look, as I often do and it´s perfectly allowed to,  with wedges and a fur stole (they´re actually […]


 Once more I´m in flats. The rain won´t stop and as a plus, my mom and sister have been here this past week and they do shop till they drop, so my feet are kind of tired. Other than that, I felt like a comfy outfit was key for today, so BF jeans and an oversized jumper and coat was as relaxed as it could get. Still I think the […]

The little blue clutch

Hola Chicas, que tal la semana? Yo me estoy volviendo un poco loca con el clima que no se decide si estamos entrando en primavera o seguimos en invierno. Personalmente sabéis que prefiero mil veces el frío pero es cierto que la llegada de una nueva estación siempre da pie a renovar el armario! Pues, como ya me conocéis, yo ya empecé con las prendas de primavera y la verdad […]