Pictures by/Imágenes por: Susana Calabuig Always wondered how would I look with a headscarf. I’ve actually tried it once before but wasn’t really happy about the results, maybe I did it wrong or it simply wasn’t the right scarf for it, but today this feels just perfect. I found this scarf while moving, it belonged to my grandmother so it’s kind of special, and has a vintage look with the […]


Pictures by/Imágenes por: Anna Today was the day for wearing my recently purchased Bimba & Lola trousers. I found them by chance, on sale, minutes before the store closed (don’t think the ladies there were to happy about that!). Anyway, it has been a spectacular buy because I got them for a little bit over 20 euros, and full prized they were going for 4 times this prize! Talk about […]


Pictures by/Imágenes por: Susana Calabuig Even if it’s pretty hot here in Valencia, I manage to wear this light plaid shirt and very distressed denim skirt, for work. I love the feel of this outfit, pretty comfy actually, even if I’m in heels. Let me tell you, both these pieces, the shirt and the skirt, have been great buys this summer. The shirt I can still wear on the fall […]


Pictures by/Imágenes por: S.Cala Never thought I´d be caught on flats so often, even less wearing Birkenstocks!!! But see, this is what happens with fashion, what was considered lame some years ago, now it´s totally in! So, see my dilemma, I had to dive in into the Birkenstocks frenzy… and let me be honest, I love it and I´m Ohhhh so comfortable! Just my first day wearing these babies, got […]


Pictures by/Imágenes por: Malú Rojas So on Monday I showed you my new baseball tee, and apparently I´m unable to let it go just yet and keep it for some days on a drawer, so here it is again. This time, a totally different look, a little more ladylike to go to work and I think I kind of love it even more. It´s so wonderful how a basic tee […]