Pictures by/Imágenes por: Susi Cala It’s been a long time since I’ve worn my Choo’s, so it was about time to take them out of the closet. I really love the touch of colour they add to any outfit, and it’s acid metallic shade! I’m just going to treat them as a staple from now on, and maybe, throw them in the mix of many other outfits! Hace ya mucho […]

Glitter before x-mas

Getting ready for X-mas and with holiday spirit mode on, I strutted my glittery heels to the office today. Even if the outfit is quite dark, and having my shark sweat on, I still feel merry with these shoes! I don´t wear them much, because I take great care of them and I´m sorry to see them lose their sparkle and Madrid streets are not exactly gentle on the shoes… […]

Riddle sweatshirt

Remember a while ago, I made a Shopper´s Guide post about grey sweatshirts? Well, I really wanted that MSGM one, or the Rodarte sweat but those were sold out. And then there was the question mark sweatshirt from French Connection. Cute… no doubt, loved the shade of grey (which is always so important) but got me thinking of the Riddler… hahaha… I know! weird right? But then fate happened… I […]

The Shopper´s Guide

PRETTY IN GREEN An autumn selection of green and black… two of my favourite colours!/Una selección de otoño en verde y negro… dos de mis colores favoritos! 1. Stella McCartney wool plaid jacket/Chaqueta de cuadros en lana de Stella McCartney 2. Fallon Jewelry winged necklace/Collar de alas de Fallon Jewelry 3. Mary Katrantzou tulip skirt/Falda tulipán de Mary Katrantzou 4. Miu Miu satin bow clutch/Bolso de mano con lazos de […]

Once more…with feeling!

So, maybe you haven´t noticed but I didn´t post for a couple of days last week. My laptop just likes to play dead from time to time! But thankfully it´s back to it´s own self again and I can post normally. (I have to say, thanks to my cousin who is the one that answers to all of my technological emergencies and dramas! hehe) Well, into pics… it just happened that last […]