Pictures by/Imágenes por: Susi Cala Leaving for Paris in a couple of hours and definitely more than excited! Thinking on who am I going to meet… I’d probably go crazy, but will try to take as much pictures as possible. So, if I’ve been absent these couple of days it’s been because of preparations, and obviously I will not be able to post ’til Tuesday, but hope to see you […]


Pictures by/Imágenes por: “The Prince of India” With this plaid shirt and this denim playsuit, I surely look like I’m ready for a farming day! But hey, things have changed and this is chic enough for a day at work… in the city! Only thing you have to be aware of, in my humble opinion, is to wear a pair of high heels and the look is ready to hit […]


Pictures by/Imágenes por: Susana Calbuig I want to show you my most recent purchase! If you have not guessed it’s my Angel Jackson mini bag, and I’m totally loving it. I’ve been wanting this bag for a long time now, and I thought I deserved it!!! hehehe… kind of an early birthday present for myself. You know, from me, to me… those are the best gifts, cause nobody knows me […]


Pictures by/Imágenes por: C.Rojas The sun has decidedly come out  and it appears it´s here to stay. Not that I´m a fan of summer but it has given me the chance of wearing this outfit which has been in my closet for too long. You may have seen it before, but worn under a sweatshirt or maybe just the shirt. Well, today I can show it off without a thing […]


Pictures by/Imágenes por: C.Rojas I swore to myself I´d never own a trench! I´ve always believed them to be a bit boring and very common, but what I´m understanding now is that sometimes good staples can seem that way, but they´re not. When I saw this one a few days ago at House of Fraser (which by the way they were having a major sale), I fell in love!!! What […]