You might think it’s funny the power Zara has over us (or not), but here’s a bit of proof. I bought myself this Zara jumper a while back, actually it was Winter here in Spain, and here’s the thing… Me, my mum and my sister, we all live in different parts of the world. (Talk about being difficult to reunite, but we will this December)! So, obviously we didn’t purchase […]


Fan of layering #1 here, reporting for duty! Hehehe… It has been crazy lately, as in ‘is it Summer already, or is it Winter again’? Yes, yes, I’m always babbling about the weather, but that’s how you decide your outfits in the morning right? Other than the mood you’re in. So, I’ve opted for some wise layering this week. Gorgeous dress (cotton obviously), over skinny jeans, and a linen blazer. […]


Pictures by/Imágenes por: Susi Cala Leaving for Paris in a couple of hours and definitely more than excited! Thinking on who am I going to meet… I’d probably go crazy, but will try to take as much pictures as possible. So, if I’ve been absent these couple of days it’s been because of preparations, and obviously I will not be able to post ’til Tuesday, but hope to see you […]


Pictures by/Imágenes por: Susi Cala The dungarees trend is still going super strong, and I am seriously considering on buying another pair, long ones… in denim. I have seen a cute pair on Topshop or I’m thinking maybe I can go for the JBrand ones which are just simply amazing! Meanwhile, I’m still enjoying the ones I have… What do you think? Should I splurge a bit? La tendencia de […]


Pictures by/Imágenes por: Susi Cala Today I just felt like wearing my head scarf once more, and obviously this gives (in my humble opinion) a vintage feel to any look. The scarf itself is vintage and adding the red lipstick plus the big sunnies, it makes it all complete. What do you think about that? Other than that is just a simple outfit for an iffy weather!!! Hoy me sentía […]