I already feel quite inspired by this year’s fall/winter collections and fully intend to cover myself in knitwear! Super long sleeves and those knitted trousers have caught my eye and as you have seen from a previous post, I’ve already indulged in a similar jumper from Zara. Was actually wondering if I should get the trousers to match as well. I do not have long slim legs so I’m not quite sure about those yet, but hopefully if the time comes when I decide to add them to my wardrobe, I hope they’re still availabe. Got to say that the knitwear/ugly shoe combo is also very alluring. So two thumbs up to that! And last but not least (for now) I do want a little furry addition to my winter garments. Although this last picture is of a fur jumper I was thinking about other items, such as belts, shoes, a clutch maybe… as I said ‘little addition,’ don’t need to go for the statement piece…

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