I’ve been following Erica Baldi’s blog ‘Blue is in Fashion This Year‘ for as long as I can remember… Honestly, I open her posts religiously! Her blog is not like others, I mean you can follow the Sartorialist he’s got great snaps and an eye for the original, and there are other street style blogs around I love such as Stockhlom Streetstyle, but what Erica does is unique.

It’s hard to differentiate oneself in the blogosphere but she’s nailed it! What I simply adore is that she brings street trends together in one single post… You’ll see loads of pics of that here that I’ve ‘stolen’ from her… nahhhhh really she’s kindly loaned them for this interview. Anyway, amongst my fave categories are these I just told you about, the ‘with or without’ (which shows for example someone wearing the same outfit but in one pic with a jacket and in the other without, that sort of thing), and ‘style x vs. style y’ (I went mathematical on this one). No point in describing them all here, you’ll just have to pop by her blog and discover all there is! For now I’m discovering a bit more about this amazing blogger.


Alma: Hey Erica! I’m so excited to interview you (so true)! First of all congrats on the 6 year mark. You definitely have something different and quite special here. Yours is quite a unique blog! So let’s start with the obvious question… what’s with the name? (Which btw I love)!
Erica: Thank you! My blog’s name is a quote by French Sociologist Roland Barthes who analised the language of fashion in the Sixties and how fashion magazines could dictate trends and even “colour trends”, which he thought was a bit weird.
Everyone thinks I chose it because I love the colour blue!

I usually I don’t search for something specifically, my collages come out very naturally.

A: Wow!!! I’ve never would’ve figured that one out!
You barely show your own style on the blog, so tell me more about it. Your must haves, fave designers… would you describe your style as minimalist, polished, eclectic? From what I’ve seen you gravitate more towards polished? Am I on the right track?
E: Yes my own outfits posts are not a priority on my blog but at least I show some of my style on Instagram. I guess I’m more on the casual-minimalist side, although I’m starting to wear some colours and prints lately.


Images via: This Time Tomorrow, The Adorable Two, The Fashion Medley, Batabac Mode
Collage by: Erica Baldi


Images via: Fashion and Style, Amazedmag, Styledumonde, The Fashion Cuisine
Collage by: Erica Baldi

A:You have an eye for spotting street trends! Do you browse about a billion blogs a day? Or do you know where to look? And do you go with something already in mind, such as… ‘today I’ll look for fringed skirts’ or you just start seeing this repeatedly and save them? (Sorry 3 questons in one I guess)!!!!
E: Yes I do follow hundreds of fashion blogs that I visit every day! Intense photo research is part of my blog since the beginning, I spend hours each day doing that. I usually I don’t search for something specifically, my collages come out very naturally. And of course I also have in mind which trends will go big each season so I know which photos I want to save when I recognise those trends.

My blog’s name is a quote by French Sociologist Roland Barthes…

A: Do you think most bloggers just do the same thing? Though, that’s what we end up calling a trend right?
E: Yes fashion goes that way, a trend is for definition something that people like and wear. But there are different kind of “trends.” Some last for a few months only and other a lot more. Just think about minimalism and “normcore.”

A: Very true!
Would it be awful if I ask which bloggers do you like the most? I mean, we all have favourites whether we like it or not, maybe just because we relate to some more than others… stylewise at least!
E: On my blog I only feature bloggers photos that I really like. I have lots of blogs I love but I have to say that lately I got a little bored by blogs that publish outfits photos only. I prefer those blogs that give readers a bit more than just photos of their looks, that express their opinions, give tips and don’t only rely on sponsored clothing and content.


 Images via: The Spicy Stiletto, Von Vogue
Collage by: Erica Baldi

A: Ok, less about others and more about you! How do you go about your day? Pretend you’re a Hollywood Diva and I want to know every single detail. Fine, whatever you give me will be great! Hahahah don’t want a minute by minute recollection. Anyway, how about morning routine, time for blogging, time for yourself…
E: Usually I spend mornings on browsing blogs and preparing my posts. Two-three afternoons a week I’m in Milan for events, presentations or meetings. I spend lots of time on reading and answering emails!
I don’t really have a fixed working routine, that’s a plus point of being a freelancer. I try not to get bored by doing the same thing every day!


Images via: Fifi Deluxe, This Time Tomorrow, We Wore What, Fashionvibe
Collage by: Erica Baldi


Images via: Cocochic, Where Did U Get That, Into Your Closet, Fashionvibe
Collage by: Erica Baldi

A: Expanding on that last question… What DO you do with your spare time if you’ve got any?
E: When you work as a freelance spare time is a weird concept. Sometimes I work on the weekend and then take a free afternoon on… Tuesday. But I have to say it is something I quite like. The thing I’m trying to do the most on my free time is to get away from my computer, phone and web. But unfortunately it’s not that easy, you always have a new photo to publish on Instagram or a shout-out to give for a new post…

A: I’ve noticed you write both in impeccable English and Italian, so lurking around I did notice you are in fact Italian. (Your name was a spoiler alert, haha)! So, exactly where are you from? I’ve seen you’re based in Milan but has it been always your home? Any other city you’d rather live in?
E: Thank you, but unfortunately my English is not impeccable! My written Italian is so much better, haha. I was born in Rome but my parents moved to Milan when I was seven years old. And I live in Milan since then. (Actually 20 minutes outside from Milan).
If you ask of any other city I would live in, it wouldn’t been an Italian one!!!


 Images via: The Chronicles of Her, Stockholm Streetstyle
Collage by: Erica Baldi


 Images via: Stockholm Streetstyle, The Trend Spotter
Collage by: Erica Baldi

A: Do you do fashion month? Which cities (out of the big 4) do you favour the most? I know you might be a bit biased but wanted to ask anyway!
E: By now I’ve only attended Milan’s Fashion Week. I would be curious to go to other Fashion weeks rather than the Big 4 ones, like Scandinavian Fashion Weeks for example.
A: Yesssss, they have fab style!!!! I would love that too… Sadly I only do London (Though I love it there).

When you work as a freelance spare time is a weird concept.

A: Ok, since I’ve already asked a lot how about some ‘short’ questions to know you better? Best Italian dish ever?
E: “Spaghetti alle vongole” and “Spaghetti allo scoglio”, spaghetti with clams or seafood!
A: Ohhhhh I hate ‘vongole’ my parents always use to fish those when we where at the beach! Moving on… which Italian city do you love the most.
E: The smaller Italian cities, are the best ones!
A: When on holiday… beach or countryside? (I’m more a Positano girl but wouldn’t mind Tuscany for instance)!
E: A few years ago I would have said beach, no doubt, but now I love countryside as well… I guess that happens when you get in your thirties!
A: So I’m Italian as well and football is huge in my family. Do you love it or hate it? Favourite team in case you love it?… (You’re going to say Inter aren’t you.)
E: I’m sorry but football isn’t something I’m interested at all and I don’t have a fave team. I only watch some of the matches when there’s the World Cup and Italy plays. Also because it’s impossible to not watch them. The whole country stops when there’s a match!
A: Hahahaha that’s sooo true! Ok last I promise… As an insider, how do you see Italian style!
E: I’m a little upset to say that the average Italian used to have such better style some decades ago. Sometimes the only thing I see girls wearing on the street are jeans. But we still have some interesting fashionistas and some big designers’ names!

A: Well thank you Erica, you are a really interesting (and cool) person, and I am sooooo glad you were so kind to answer my questions which I admit are a bit long… so sorry about that, but thanks a million!!!

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