Kling, I love the name of this brand, it just sounds like ‘clinck’ someone’s making a toast, and someone certainly should, since this label started out some years ago as a single little shop in the centre of Madrid. Ever since it’s conception it seemed like a great idea and something quite novel. So no surprise today Kling has taken over all of Spain, or at least it seems that way!
A few days back I was invited to their headquarters and I simply thought what a cool place to work at, it seemed so much fun with all that fab clothing all around, plus you could feel the positive energy of the people working there. Anyway, I’m having the opportunity to fire away some questions to the man behind the quirky, cool and super cute label. Let’s hear it from him shall we?

Alma: I always like to start with the obvious. How come you thought of starting this brand, and what about the name? How did you come about it.
Papo:  I started Kling by accident. I was selling clothes as a way to get enough money to travel around the world, until I noticed I liked designing. When it came to the name, I tried a few ones but had trouble registering them, so finally I took a pragmatic decision and used my own last name: KLING.
Comencé con Kling de casualidad. Vendía ropa para pagarme viajes, hasta que me interesó empezar a diseñar. Probé varios nombres, tuve problemas con todos para registrarlos. Así que tomé una decisión pragmática y le puse mi apellido: KLING

A: The brand is definitely different to what you can find out there nowadays. Where do you get inspiration from? Because the most common way of ‘inspo’ with big brands is almost copying what they see during fashion week. I like that you bet on your own ideas! So do tell!
P: Truth is… I really don’t know what inspiration is. There are things (as it happens with everyone) that I like, and things that I don’t. I try to be true to myself and don’t think if what I like is trending or not. This I think, makes what one does coherent and develops into a certain identity. Fortunaltely, I’m not the only one to think this way. My team ‘speaks the same language’ and in general, these people are the ones that write the script (so to speak) every day.
La realidad es que no sé lo que es la inspiración. Hay cosas, como a todos, que me gustan y cosas que no. Intento respetarme y no pensar si lo que me gusta es guay o no lo es. Eso supongo que genera una coherencia en lo que uno hace, y por ende, una identidad propia. Afortunadamente no soy el único. Mi equipo habla mi mismo idioma y en general son ellos quienes escriben nuestro guión todos los días.


‘I usually get the best ideas when I’m relaxing.’


A: What is the philosophy behind your brand?
P: Well, maybe the fact that I don’t see it as a a brand, but as something exogenous, from and about everyone. It’s about the people that work in it, the ones that make the garments… it goes from whoever sell the items and whoever buys each and every piece. My role in all of this, might just be making sure that the identity doesn’t get lost in the way. It has to flow from the idea’s conception to the hands of our customer. 
Pues quizás sea el hecho de que no la veo como mi marca, si no como algo exógeno, de todos. De quienes trabajan en ella, de quienes confeccionan las prendas, de quienes las venden y de quienes las compran. Mi función en todo caso es que esa identidad no se pierda en el camino. Desde la idea hasta las manos de nuestra clienta.
A: On a personal note… I’ve heard you’re from Argentina!!! How is it that an Argentinian decides to open his business in Spain? Because let’s face it, there’s a lot of fashion going on in Buenos Aires as well!
P: Well, I don’t know really. The place of birth is basically a series of random incidents. Just like building your business one place or another. What I can definitely tell you, is that there’s no better place to live than Madrid!
Bueno, no lo sé. El lugar de nacimiento es, básicamente, un cúmulo de casualidades. Igual que el montar una marca. Lo que sí, no conozco ningún sitio mejor para vivir que Madrid.
A: Do you have any plans for a menswear line, or are you sticking with just us gals? Are we more profitable? (hehehe) Maybe we do buy way more… or that’s just me!
P: We actually do have a menswear line that we do not advertise much. It’s called BOYFRIEND, and it’s sort of a unisex line, of which we are (am) absolute fans!
Tenemos una línea de hombre que no anunciamos demasiado. Se llama BOYFRIEND y es algo así como una linea unisex de la que somos (soy) fans absolutos.
A: Do you feel it’s much more fun designing for women?
P: Now, I feel women are much more fun. Men… in this era we’re bound to live in, well we are a bit more of a hassle!
Hoy me parecen más divertidas las mujeres. Los hombres, en esta era que nos tocó vivir, somos un poco más coñazo.

‘We actually do have a menswear line… called BOYFRIEND, and it’s sort of a unisex line, of which we are (am) absolute fans!’

A: Tell me, with which season (or which pieces) do you have more fun?
P: I love designing bathing suits!
Me gusta diseñar bañadores.
A: Aham, so Summer then… if we had to choose a season!
A: As said, you march to the beat of your own drum. Would you tell me what to expect this next season? I don’t think I can wait to have it in store to learn about it!
P: I feel that everyone is still obsessed with normcore. So, as always, the only thing that matters is to wear what you like. 
Creo que todo el mundo está un poco obsesionado con el normcore. Así que como siempre, lo único importante es ponerte lo que te gusta.

‘I don’t see it [Kling] as a a brand, but as something exogenous…’

A: Ok, ok… I get the gist! It’s going to be different for sure!
To wrap it up, I hope you don’t mind a few personal questions, which are always fun and this way we get to know the creative mind of Kling a bit better! Trick question… (I think). Would you rather be busy working and creating new things, or on holiday?
P:  On holiday, like everyone else! I usually get the best ideas when I’m relaxing.
De vacas, como todo el mundo. Suelo tener las mejores ideas cuando no hago nada.
A: Best place to spend Summer…
P: Cangas, in Galicia. Or Ibiza, out of season of course. 
Cangas, en Galicia. O Ibiza fuera de temporada.
A: I figure you do not wear Kling. Which brands or designers do you favour?
P: I like COS.
Me gusta COS.
A: Ok, this I have to know… If you had to choose, would you go for a good Argentinian beef or some Spanish dish? (I guess, at least for me, this would qualify as a trick question too).
P: I don’t eat meat so I’m a ‘bad quality’ Argentinian! For now, I’m hooked to this dish called ‘Bacalao al Pil Pil.’
No como carne así que soy un argentino de mala calidad. Ahora mismo llevo una buena temporada enganchado con el bacalao al pil pil.
A: Oh my gosh! Hahahaha didn’t expect that!
Thank you Papo for your time, I know you’re a busy man and this has been great!!! Expect to see more of me at your stores…


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