I’m having my first interview today with the lovely Daniella Robins from Lellavictoria, a blog you surely know very well, but if you don’t (which I think it to be very unlikely) well what are you waiting for?! Check it out, but first, get to know her a bit better right here!
Alma: What is the very first thing you do in the morning? (Doesn’t have to be fashion related…just how you go about your day)
Daniella: The first thing I do, is have a cup of tea! I don’t think I could start the day without it, nor would I want too. I love tea! 
Alma: Mmmm tea… sounds lovely! (I’m a tea lover myself)
Do you browse internet a lot? Where do you gather inspo from? And when is for you the best time to take pics or to upload a post.
Daniella: Yes, I spend a fair amount of time on the internet. If I am on it during the day, it’s usually blogging related but if i’m on in it during the evening, then thats when I’m likely gathering inspiration on Tumblr,  Pinterest, blogs and websites. I always feel like I’m more open creatively in the late evening, I’m definitely a night owl, I come alive at night! 

I feel better, happier and more confident if I’m comfortable, and plus I love taking pieces that have a certain convention behind them and challenging that by trying to do something different with it.’ 

Alma: How would you drescribe British style? Or to be more precise, what goes around in London!
Daniella: I find that whenever I travel to London, I always notice that it’s full of people mixing different colours, prints and styles but I think what separates it into being more typically British is that there is often a slight grungy/edgy undertone to the style overall. It’s just very cool in an undone way, I don’t think we like to look too made up. I live in the Southwest of England, the countryside and British style can feel different here. I feel what I described before is more of reflection of city style in England but here, where I live, you see a lot of British heritage with brands such as Mulberry, Barbour and classic, long standing brands alike. That’s why at times, I can so often be seen to be mixing the two, like mixing a classic tweed blazer with a pair of leather leggings and some chunky brogues. 
Alma: I think you prefer essential pieces, and sometimes a bit masculine ones (I know I do) but there’s the occasional cute skirt or pink glitter heels (thinking about your Miu Miu’s here). How do you balance it all… tell me more about your style!
Daniella: I definitely have a thing for masculine pieces, I find that so often with pieces that are designed for Women, there is always some sort of pretty detail added or it’s pulled in to have a more fitted structure and sometimes I just want a simple/classic style and I guess I just find that easier to find in the mens department. I think it also boils down to comfort, I feel better, happier and more confident if I’m comfortable, and plus I love taking pieces that have a certain convention behind them and challenging that by trying to do something different with it. I think I always add a touch of femininity to my looks, whether that be a pink glitter heel, a red lip or embracing my long hair and wearing down and wavy. 
Alma: Layering for you seems to come natural and it’s quite a work of art! How do you go about it? Do you immediately know just by looking at your clothes, or do you start laying things on the bed to get the picture? Walk me a bit through your process…
Daniella: Firstly, may I just thank you, I am very flattered that you think so. I don’t ever feel like I have had an exact process, I can’t even say that I intend to my layer my looks, like I don’t get up in the morning and think, I want to look layered today. But what I do is, when i see something that inspires a thought or look, I instantly type it into my phone and then once a week, I’ll try on some of the combinations, which sometimes will work and sometimes not but I really enjoy taking time to basically play dress up and that usually how I end up adding the layers just by trial and error. It sounds like a bit of process and I guess it is but not only does it open my mind creatively but it also saves me time when I’m going out, because I despise taking longer then 15-20 minutes to find an outfit! It’s just easier and less exhausting if I have a list of go-to outfits. 

‘Classic pieces are usually at the core of my outfits, and work as a great base to start from.’

Alma: Om my gosh!!!! I used to do that too! Jot down some ideas and then try them on, but they did seem better in theory than on me!
On your posts I always see when you list the items you’re wearing, you put an ‘old’ sign next to almost everything!!! Nothing looks old to me! So what does your wardrobe look like… Do you ever recycle? Do you keep almost everything?
Daniella: Okay it sounds bad but yes I do keep almost everything, I didn’t use to so much, I used to throw away so many clothes but now it’s a different story and I guess in a way I do recycle, on myself! Everything I keep is because I always re-wear things and find ways to make old clothes new again and that’s why I also believe in buying good quality materials, I feel I can justify it because I really do WEAR my clothes. I also like to believe that if I one day have a daughter (or son, lets face it I have a fair few guy clothes too) of my own, theres a possibility she/he could be into clothes, and I would love to share with her/him my finds, in the way my mum has with me, but also my mum has spoken of some amazing pieces she once had but threw out and it makes me cross. So I will make sure that I don’t make that mistake.  
Alma: Yes you definitely do use your clothes so yup it’s understandable that you save them!!! Plus I wish my mum would’ve saved some of her stuff, she had great pieces!
I have to say that my style has changed drastically over the years, but yours seem to be very consistent. Did you find your style early on? What would be your advice to girls who are still, let’s say, looking!?
Daniella: Well, I have to say I’m really happy to hear that my style comes across consistent and as though I’ve found my own style because I’ve never been able to really define my own style myself and have often wondered how it comes across to others. I have also had struggles in finding my flow with clothes and personal style but I have never really been one for following the crowds and I think a real turning point for me, was back 2008/2009 when I decided I wanted to start investing in wardrobe staples. Classic pieces are usually at the core of my outfits, and work as a great base to start from. For those who are looking achieve a personal style, I’d say don’t put pressure on yourself to find it, this will naturally happen over time, when you don’t even realise it’s forming. If you love the look of something, don’t fuss about whether it’s on trend or not, just wear it because you love it, thats what style is about, wearing what you love and having fun wearing it! Those who laugh don’t even realise that they will probably be wearing the same thing in two years time, when it’s come round to being “in fashion” again. Most importantly, I think achieving personal style, is in the form of feeling comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing. 
Alma: I’m an impulsive shopper, but obviously you think very well on your purchases. Do you have a sort of elimiation process? Or do you just know, ok this is the one piece I’ll be spending on right now.
Daniella: Honestly, I love to shop too but like I said I did change the way I shopped back in 2008/2009. I tend not to impulse buy, in-fact I usually feel really uncomfortable if I do but I also believe everything in moderation and balance, and so sometimes if I really love something and can see it’s selling fast, I’ll go for it but that really is a rarity for me. Because I am quite open minded with what I like and don’t limit myself to certain styles, it’s easy for me to like everything when browsing, which is why I’m against impulsive shopping. So instead I have a look, and after that I find that only a couple of things out of the 101 things I’ve seen stay in my head… and if they continue to stay in my head for the days and weeks after, then I know that they are probably a good addition to my existing wardrobe! 

‘…I feel that most girls and ladies always want to look younger, younger, younger and so many don’t realise that the easiest way to achieve that is to wear less make up!’

Alma: Talk accessories to me! (Sounds like I’m asking you to flirt with me or something, hahaha)!
Daniella: Accessories and me have a weird relationship. I love accessories and think that they can completely personalise a look but I rarely spend money on them. It takes a lot for me to love a bag enough to buy and I honestly don’t know when this happened to me because I was always a bags over shoes kinda gal and oh how thats changed! The jewellery that I wear usually holds more sentimental value, either it’s been passed down to me or it’s been gifted to me by loved ones and I love that, it tells a story. I’d say overall jewellery for me is often kept to a minimal but in the summer I definitely gravitate to wearing it more and I guess thats because I can’t layer my clothes in the summer as much and so I layer my jewellery instead. The three accessories I am more likely to spend money on is sunglasses, scarves and hats. Every year or every couple of years, I get the urge for a new style of sunglasses but my most worn are my Ray Ban wayfarers.  I learnt from a friend once that you can buy a white shirt from anywhere but a beautiful scarf you can’t so much and it was from her that I realised how impactful, personal and chic, a good scarf can look. Hats, well I don’t have loads but if you can find a good, black, felt Fedora hat, you’re set, I literally couldn’t count how may times i’ve worn mine. A far chicer alternative to an umbrella for when it’s raining too. 
Alma: Ok beauty time. Which are your must haves… because you always have a very natural, youthful look… you never seem to overdo it.
Daniella: Aw you make me blush!
Alma: Naturally of course…!!!! Hahahaha
Daniella: I really do try not to over do it because the thing is once you start with it, if you’re not careful, you can end up applying a whole beauty counters worth of make up to your face and thats not a good look on anyone. Plus I feel that most girls and ladies always want to look younger, younger, younger and so many don’t realise that the easiest way to achieve that is to wear less make up! I couldn’t be without mascara, blusher and some sort of concealer/foundation for under my eyes (dark circles are my number one enemy). I always remove my make up before going to bed, as well as washing, cleansing, toning and moisturising my face! I have been doing that since I was about 15 years old. I also like a bit of Fake tan, especially in the summer months, I believe it’s a much safer way to get that bronzed look. 
Alma: Fashion time’s over! I want to know you better. Let’s talk faves… Food?
Daniella: Food? I like ALL food!! Let’s start with bad food because that’s more fun: donuts, cakes, ice cream, pancakes, Milkshakes burger, pizza and fries! Healthier food: fish, fruit… fruit & more fruit, yogurt, celery & carrots with some hummus, Granola, roasted tomatoes (with everything). Smoothies, stir fries. 
A: Cities or towns?
D: Towns! I’ve lived in a small town my whole life and even though I am mesmerised by new cities, it’s the small town that I always miss the most! 
A: Favourite place to go on a holiday, or perfect plan?
D:  The Atlantis hotel in the Bahamas or Disney world Florida but I would love to do a tour of America with my boyfriend! 
A: Best film you’ve seen lately/ Best book you’ve read lately or all time favourites
D:  The best film I’ve seen this year was American Sniper! I don’t really read books, I want to but just never make time for it. But a life changing book for me was Angles In My Hair by Lorna Bryne.
A: That song that puts you in a good modd every single time!
D: There are so many but one that I literally have to get up and dance to every time I hear it, is Love on Top by Beyoncé! 

A: Cat or dog lover?
D: I’ve grown up with dogs all my life, I love dogs but saying that, since my nephew came along, (he loves cats) I have come to love cats too, we are getting a kitten very soon, yay! 
A: Most important thing in life for you?
D: Family. Love. Laughter. Happiness. 
Thank you Daniella!!! You’re such an easy-going person it’s always a pleasure chatting with you! And thanks for being my very first interview! I couldn’t be happier…


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