I’m going for mythology here and you’ll get why in a jiffy. If Poseidon was actually flesh and blood, and had a daughter living in the XXIst Century, this would be her… Of course I’m talking about Rea!!! She is the stylish blogger behind Surfaddictfashionistaand it seems she cannot keep her feet out of the water (she’d sooner had fins) unless fashion week or a trip is in sight. She’s definitely one of a kind, and what I love about her the most (other than the fact she’s super cool and nice) is that she goes from rock star leathery looks to soft flowy Summer numbers with ease, and even lets loose her tomboy side once in a while. Eclectic, yes, that’s the word… Anyway, don’t want to keep you here on an intro I’ll let her answers do the talking.

Alma: Hey Rea! I was thinking about the first time we met in Paris (PFW). Your outfit made me stop you for a picture! (Tartan skirt, over the shoulder jacket) Very easygoing yet chic… So, if you remember tell me more about that outfit. What was your feeling that day?
Rea: Of course I remember! It was one of my favourite outfits during fashion week. I always prepare my outfits from home so I can try to pack my suitcase easier and probably as light as possible (normally not that possible). It was one of those outfits you are looking forward to wear and don’t want to waste them on an insignificant day. The tartan skirt used to be my grandmother’s, and I wore it with a plain black crop top, a boho “klaidra” necklace, a men’s leather jacket over the shoulders that I had just bought the previous day from a vintage shop in Paris and combat boots in order to create a contrast and make the outfit a bit more rock.
Alma: Wow… that’s just incredible! No wonder I was blown away…


A: Since I met you, I haven’t stopped following your blog and Instagram. I see you’re an adventurer! How many countries have you been to? And which places do you enjoy the most?
R: Thank you it’s very important to me to know I have some loyal followers. Until now I have travelled a lot around Europe. I have been all around the UK by car and we did a couple of roadtrips around Europe with my parents when I was younger; we visited Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Monaco and San Marino. I have also been to Turkey, I have lived in the UK and I have done some snowboard trips to Austria, France and Bulgaria. As you already know I am a frequent traveller to London and Paris, as I have family there and I really love the shopping part, but the places I loved the most are: Florence, San Marino, San Remo, Lucerne, Airolo, Les Deux Alpes, Monaco and the rest of the French Riviera. I also liked Venice and Rome, but I was not very impressed as I was expecting something more “Grande.”

Growing up by the seaside in Greece, couldn’t make me something less than a beach lover.

A: So, packing must come like a natural thing to you now. Living out of a suitcase sometimes, can’t be that easy! How do you go about it? Especially since you go back and forth from Greece to the rest of the EU and the world!
R: Actually the packing part is my nightmare. I used to have a list of the essentials, but now I have them all organised in a necessaire purse, so I just put it in my suitcase. As an original tech freak, I never forget my laptop, camera and hard drives. Then, depending on the country and weather, I choose some basic garments like jeans or shorts and tops, hoodies, furs, knits or kimonos, and I accessorise them with hats and jewellery. Of course I always end up with an overweight luggage. 


A: Would ask ‘country or beach’ but I think I know the answer. What is it about the sea that appeals to you so much? (Me I’m a city girl so it’s kind of baffling!!!! hahaha)
R: Of course you already know the answer!!! I’m not a big city girl. I like my open spaces, I need sea, sun, waves and palm trees in order to be happy. Growing up by the seaside in Greece, couldn’t make me something less than a beach lover. I was raised in a beautiful suburb on the southern coastline of Athens, where the sea is just a block away from my house. As a result and due to the fact that I was a sailing and windsurf athlete, I used to be at the sea all day during summer and winter.


A: Now tell me your beach fashion choices! Do you have a collection of bikinis overflowing from your drawers? And what about Summer outfits?
R: Yes, actually I have a big collection of bikinis; most of them are a bit sporty, by surf companies like Billabong, Ripcurl and Roxy so I can wear them while I windsurf or surf. I also have a big collection of wetsuits, boardshorts and summer clothing in general.  My summer outfits are mostly composed of cut offs, t-shirts, tops, kimonos and of course flip flops.
A: Hahahahaha, I only have one bathing suit and one bikini… no flip flops and one beach towel!!! What a difference!
Ok so now about your city style. I’ve seen you love black and edgy pieces, but I’ll let you explain!
R: You are totally right, black is indeed my favourite colour. I find it very chic and easy to match. A total black outfit with the right accessories would be my top pick for absolutely anything around the city. I am addicted to skinny jeans, paired with tops, blazers, fur jackets and sneakers or combat boots. 


…black is indeed my favourite colour. I find it very chic and easy to match.

A: Recently I spotted you on one of the coolest Spanish mags, but I guess that doesn’t surprise you anymore!!! Or does it? How do you feel when you see yourself featured somewhere or even better, in print!
R: It actually doesn’t surprise me anymore as I spot myself online and in magazines every once in a while, due to attending fashion weeks in Paris and London. Of course it’s a lot more better in print,  but I have to tell you every time I have that same feeling of excitement.

A: Got to say loved you as a redhead! Do you play with haircolour a lot, or was it a one time experiment?
R: I used to play a lot with my hair. I’ve been a redhead, a blondie and a brunette. I’ve had ‘bronde’ and of course ombre hair with both the classic from darker to lighter, and also from natural brown roots fading to petrol. I used to have long hair and at the moment I have a bob cut.


A: How about makeup? Tell me your basics…and tell me how to take care of your skin when you’re at the beach all the time!
R: I’m not a big makeup fan. I’ve never been wearing foundation or eye shadows. In my everyday life, I wear mascara, a bit eye pencil, blush and occasionally a particular shade of lipstick.

…I have a big collection of bikinis; most of them are a bit sporty… so I can wear them while I windsurf or surf.


A: Ok, now I’m very curious… got to know what was your previous blog name!!! Would you tell me?
R: Wish I could, but to be honest, I really can’t remember at the moment…

A: Personal stuff now… do you mind? Favourite beach…
R: Vouliagmeni
A: What’s playing on your ipod right this second?
R: “Learn to fly” by Foo Fighters
A: A swimwear brand you just can’t help but go back to every time
R: Billabong of course!
A: Dog lover or cat lover? Or any other pet… please don’t say snake!!!!
R: hahaha no, I’m both cat and dog lover!
A: A Greek dish we all must try
R: The most famous one is “souvlaki”, but I’m not a big fan so I’ll say “moussaka”
A: It’s on my list now!!!… and thank you hun you’ve been such a good sport! But then again, you always are!!!



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