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It´s no secret that I have a love for coats and I´m a little bit sad that this might be the last days wearing one. This one, a late purchase, has become one of my favourites lately, it´s actually a “coatigan” which I find an interesting mix between cardigan and coat. Don´t know who came with this amazing idea, but it´s quite unique. Other than that, what I mostly love of this coat, is the cocoon shape (hope that next season we´ll be seeing more of this) and of course the fact that it´s bouclé… why I love this texture, no idea, but you have to be really carefull with it, otherwise it looks like you´re leaving furballs as you go.

No es ningún secreto que me encantan los abrigos y estoy un pelín triste porque estos pueden ser los últimos días para llevar uno. Este en particular, una adquisición tardía, se ha vuelto uno de mis favoritos y es lo que llaman ahora un “coatigan” (creo que no hay traducción para eso) pero es una curiosa mezcla entre abrigo y cardigan. No sé a quien se le ocurrió esto pero me parece una idea genial y verdaderamente única. Aparte de eso, lo que más me gusta de este abrigo, es la forma (espero que la temporada que viene haya más de este tipo) y claro, el hecho de que es bouclé… por qué me mata esta textura, no lo sé, pero hay que ser muy cuidadoso con ella sino parece que vas dejando pelusas por dónde pasas.

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14 thoughts on “A COAT´S LAST DAYS

  1. It is a gorgeous coat, I have a similar style from Topshop. I love the idea of being a mix between a cardigan and a coat too!

    It’s very warm here at the moment so I haven’t worn a coat for about a week now, but it’s supposed to rain again this weekend, so will be wearing my coatigan again!


    1. yeyyy so you do understand the love of the coat 😉 well they say it´s goign to rain here too, but it might be warm for a coat :(…have a great day, xo, Alma

    1. Yes the weather is definitely changing…some days a bit hotter and some days I do get my coat out!!! but it seems summer is approaching so I´m going to have to leave this baby in my closet soon! 🙁 hehe…xo, Alma

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