Yes lovelies, I’ve dived in head first into the pajamas trend (a little late maybe, but here I am)! I was perusing the sales the other day at COS and came about this darling ensemble, so grabbed it and run as fast as I could to try it on. I loved it immediately (of course store mirrors are such liars and make you look better than you actually look, but whatever). Anyway, it daunted on me that it was in fact a pajama set, so I asked the salesperson and he told me that it was (so what the heck was it doing on the clothing rack!). No matter – inhale, exhale -, I loved it either way, it looks like the real thing and when I stepped out of the house nobody seemed to notice! So, job well done, hah!

Shirt and trousers: COS, Mules: Alexander Wang, Clutch: Kzeniya, Shades: Marni

Pictures by:  Amy Wilmot

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