The heat is just getting to me and I’m running out of cool outfit options, so what did I do today? I went geeky! (And maybe a bit vintageous with that headscarf). I decided comfortable was a good, very good, concept for a hot Friday… and dungarees were my best choice. To add to my geekiness, I thought why not include the ‘show your socks’ trend, paired up with my white trainers of choice. Definitely a wise idea. (Was it)? I’m used to people staring at me, but today it was more than obvious that they were! I wish I could read their minds and know what they’re thinking about me, or my outfit in this case. (Hoping it’s the outfit). Anyway, before I left home, I thought something was missing, so on I went and tied that beautiful Dior scarf around my head and grabbed my favourite clutch, which is also very playful. Don’t mind the fact that it’s black, it has a pom pom! That’s all that matters…

Dungarees: Zara (old), T-shirt: Zara (linen collection), Socks: Asos, Trainers: Golden Goose Deluxe Brand, Clutch: Kzeniya, Headscarf: Vintage Dior

Pictures by: Raquel

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