Green obsession

 It´s funny how things turn out sometimes. My favourite colour is green, a colour that my mom actually hates! It is the only colour she won´t wear, and everytime I go shopping for her, I end up with something green in my hands. I have to constantly remind myself that she doesn´t have anything of the sort in her closet, and I have to leave behind whatever I have chosen for her. (This happened to me just yesterday, shopping for Mother´s Day). Well, as much as she hates it I just can´t help but absolutely adore it, and this spring I have become obsessed with all things pastel green by H&M, so here I show you my beautiful shirt and sweater, which I plan to wear a lot, and with these some of my other favourite items for the season.

Sweater and t-shirt: H&M, Pearl necklace: Uterque, Shoes: Oysho, Earrings: vintage at Etsy

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