There’s probably no character more popular than Mickey Mouse, and just a few seasons back Marc Jacobs pulled him out of whatever trunk the poor rodent was being kept and brought him back to life. True, it never disappeared in the eyes of Disney and kids all over the world, but for us grown ups, well it was the most unlikely icon. Anyway, here comes Marc and makes him as fashionable as ever! I fell in love immediately (as I do so often) with the cropped Mickey top, but unfortunately at the time I wasn’t about to spend what its alluring price tag marked. Sad and Mickey-less, the idea of it never left my mind. (If you didn’t notice the mouse was literally everywhere! Even fashion week)! So here I am now, sporting a much more budget friendly -I would like to say version of it, but it’s not even close-  Mickey tee. It hasn’t calmed my previous cravings but it is a good stand-in.

T-shirt: Junk Food (men’s), Trousers: COS, Shoes: Dries Van Noten, Bag: S. Laurent, Shades: Dolce & Gabbana

Pictures by: Raquel

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