Culottes! The piece to own this season, and to be honest I already have a few pairs, but mostly for fall (they’re made from wool so not exactly weather -heat- appropriate right now). Well, if you remember correctly I had bought some from Topshop not so very long ago, but even those were too thick and when I spotted this lovely, flowy pair at Monki, I knew they had to be mine. Plus, they have the print which is a must have: the grid or windowpane print! No further reasoning needed, they were in the bag! Actually, I got them probably more than a week ago, but as you know, no camera man to take pics of me wearing them (which I’ve been doing quite a lot since they arrived because other than the fact that they’re perfect, they are so fresh)! So finally, without further ado here they are… oh! and I’m also wearing my beautiful Sundried gift! Did you notice?

Shades: Sundried, Shirt: MiH, Belt: COS, Culottes: Monki, Mules: Alexander Wang

Pictures by: Rubens

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