It seems like forever since I came back from visiting my family in Perú, and came back with some treasures from almost everybody’s wardrobe! (I’m a sartorial thief)! Well, if you don’t want a piece anymore, or haven’t worn it in a while, why not share it or gift it? Right? So, thank you to everyone who let me peruse in their closets, and of course got to thank my mum first. I had been looking for beige wide trousers for what appeared to be an eternity (it was, it really was) and where do I find a pair? Buried between my mum’s ‘don’t-fit-in-those-anymore’ items. Of course I snatched those right away! And they were perfect, in the sense that they were good quality linen and a great option for summer. Hadn’t had the opportunity to take pictures with them though, but I have worn them a thousand times already… so, here they go! See mum, I do wear them!

Shades: Céline, Belt: COS, Trousers: Fina (Peruvian brand), Shoes: Dries Van Noten, Bag: Saint Laurent

Pictures by: Rubens

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