Got to apologise for the poor picture, but there was no way I could make this gorgeous (trust me, when worn it is fabulous) jumper look good by itself on a photograph. Plus, we all know I’m no photographer (maybe it’s time to think about some lessons on that)! But anyway, I couldn’t well wait for weather to get cooler to share my joy over this finding with you. I was a little bummed about not being able to purchase the Acne super long sweatshirt at the time, but this very affordable H&M knit made my day. Fine, it’s not an equal, sartorially speaking, but hey, it’s a very nice runner up! In love with it…

Jumper: H&M

One thought on “NEW IN!

  1. The jumper is gorgeous! It looks so cosy too šŸ™‚ H&M has just opened up a store near us, so we might have to check them out. Although we’re n Spring now, so we doubt they’ll have knits!

    M + K

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