I had seen this Fujifilm camera a long while ago, but then somehow, I managed to see  it once more (recently) on the pages of a magazine I religously read. And I wondered, why oh why, hadn’t I get it already (beacuse ever since I remember I’ve loved polaroid cameras). So, that was it, I got all my stuff into my bag and went out the door directly to purchase it. And when I got to the store there was the debate between getting it in yellow or in blue. Finally, after driving the salesman mad (I usually do that a lot) I chose the blue one, and my reasoning was, the yellow one will probably get dirty quicker… yep, sure, that was why. Anyway, here I am now, happy as a child with my new toy! Cannot wait to take more of these lovely, instant little pics!

Camera: Fujifilm insta mini 8

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