For as long as we can remember, the corset has been the epitome of sexiness and femininity. When it first came to be it was to shape women’s bodies, grant support and create the illusion of the tiniest waist. All very desirable traits for men. Anyway, come the XXIst century and it’s a whole different story, unless you’re on the Burlesque scene, then I guess the latter still applies. Nowadays irony is ruling over fashion and whatever was supposed to go underneath a certain garment, you might just find it on top (on the best of ways). Skirts have found their way to overlap trousers, crop tops are being sported over shirts and tees, so why should the corset be any different? This has been, in a nutshell, the reasoning behind my outfit today, and of course the other question was, why shouldn’t spots get along with stripes? No rule for that either. Great! On we go! I have started to extend myself the invitation to think outside the box a little bit more and I’m developing a taste for it.

On a different note, I must note (totally redundant) that this is the famous corset I received as a gift a couple of weeks back. Must thank you Jose for the wonderfulness this piece is. Really, thank you!

T-shirt: COS, Corset: José Miguel Valdivia, Jeans: Cheap Monday, Slides: Birkenstock, Shades: Dolce & Gabbana

Pictures by: Raquel, Dedicated to Jose

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