It had to be this way, got the Stanies, break in the Stanies… right away! It happens with me and things I really know have been a ‘good investment,’ aka I simply adore at first sight, I wear them the minute they’re in my possession. Of course, the new pair of Adidas couldn’t be an exception, after all I’ve been looking for them for months! I decided to get them in green, because my trainer collection has grown exactly this way: Topshop grey/yellow trainers, Opening Ceremony pair in black and blue, Adidas Originals in white and black stripes and Golden Goose with blue detailing. Ergo, I couldn’t in good conscience get another white and blue duo, right? So there I was holding the blue and the green, and that reasoning (which happened in about 2 seconds or less) made me ask for the green matching shoe and run to pay for them, as if everyone in the store was secretly desiring MY new found treasure and were ready to take them away from me. (Neurotic much?) Anyway, as you can see, the story had a happy ending (otherwise I wouldn’t be sporting them). Hurray!!!

Tee: Zara (linen collection), Skirt: Whistles, Trainers: Adidas Stan Smith, Shades: Dolce & Gabbana

Pictures by: Rubens

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