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Starting to heat up again, the days are getting warmer and I have no resistance to it! I wish I could live in the North Pole or something, I´d settle for Finland, somewhere the sun can´t find me!!! But well, if I can´t have that I just have to adjust, and that´s exactly what I´m doing. I´ve profited a bit from the fresh sales yesterday and immediately slipped into one of my purchases. I just went ot COS so don´t fret, hehe… I bought this beautiful dress, half off! And a pair of shorts, which I was desperately in need of. This dress is everything I need for summer, easy to wear, light and comfy, and of course has a gorgeous minimalism design, COS signature style!

Estamos empezando a calentar otra vez, los días se van haciendo más calurosos y yo no tengo ninguna resitencia a ello! Me gustaría poder vivir en el Polo Norte o algo así, me conformo con Finlandia, cualquier sitio donde el sol no me encuentre!!! Pero bueno, si no puedo tener eso más me vale adaptarme y eso es exactamente lo que estoy haciendo. Me he aprovechado de las fresquitas rebajas ayer, e inmediatamente me he metido en una de mis compras. Sólo fui a COS así que no os asustéis, jeje… Me compré este vestido, a mitad de precio! Y unos shorts, que la verdad necesitaba desesperadamente. Este vestido es todo lo que necesito para el verano, fácil de usar, fresco, cómodo, y claro tiene ese diseño minimalista que es el sello de COS!

Dress/Vestido: COS Stores, Trainers/Deportivas: Converse, Bag/Bolso: Alexander Wang, Necklace/Collar: Lulu Frost

10 thoughts on “SHADES OF GREY

  1. Omg, I tried this dress on at COS the other day (loved it), but I decided to go for another outfit I chose! Looks good on you Alma!

  2. love COS too ; they never fail me. If you want something simple but with and edge, COS is the place to be.
    But what I really wanted to say was : love your necklace !! Are those lips with pearly teeth ?

    1. yes!!! they are lips with pearly teeth! the necklace is sold out now but you can find people reselling their used ones on ebay I think or can get a great deal on a knock off 😉 xo, Alma

  3. Alma, you always do it!!! Every outfit is chic, effortless with this signature of yours:-) Love love love your style!!! And the necklace – beauty!!!

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