I pride myself on being a high-heel shoe lover but last year I started a very decent trainer collection, which hasn’t really grown much, but still it was like entering the twilight zone for me. I blame this transition on kitten-heels, which taught me that some days comfort is just what’s needed (I own two pairs, but must add flat shoes have not made it into my closet yet). Up to that point everything was fine, until I set my eyes on that first pair of Birkenstocks, and then -surely, it was then- it all started.

By summer 2013 the ugly shoe was just beginning to take root on all fashionistas and of course, I didn’t want to be left behind, so I told myself (very convincingly) I just had to own them. In came the Birkenstocks and with them my mum’s criticism. She reminded me that when these were, I don’t want to say ‘trending’ but rather being worn by everyone in the 90’s, I simply found them hideous. But let’s face it, back then, they totally were! And that’s the thing with fashion, one day the item in question can be seemingly horrid and by the next it’s like chocolate cake sprinkled with diamonds (uhhhh, note to self: save the gems, eat cake later)! Anyway, getting back to date and subject, fast forward to summer 2014 and I’m the proud owner of 3 (and this is still quite a low number) pairs of ugly shoes. Got to thank Isabel Marant for that (though I opted for a cheaper version from Dune and in nude, very pretty) and maybe Adidas? Then again, my latest acquisition resembles the pool slides but in a much fancier way. So, in view of all this, I have to say that the ‘ugly shoe’ -looking rather beautiful to me- is still in diapers and is not going anywhere for a while, plus the fashionista in me is rather keen on wearing them with socks this next fall.

Slides: Bimba Y Lola (on sale here)

I would like to dedicate this post to my best friend who bears no love to the ugly shoe, but understands mine.

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