First of all I’d like to apologise for my absence, as I said on a previous post, I found myself without a camera man last week. Nevertheless, even though I was bummed because of this, there was one little thing that made me smile… It was last Wednesday (I think) when a mysterious delivery arrived at my door. I usually track my orders and I was sure I had nothing pending for delivery that day! (Obsessive much? Yep, I know). Well, I was intrigued to say the least, and I unwrapped that package like it was a Christmas present. Inside where the most unique, original and gorgeous shades I had ever laid eyes on. Carved out from wood and handmade of course, they couldn’t be more perfect. It was a gift from Sundried, and if you don’t know this brand already let me tell you more and why it has now become something close to my heart, and the shades a special item in my closet.

The Sundried brand was born on the beaches of Perú (my hometown) after a surfer, fresh out of the water and after an epic surf stood waiting for the sun to rise and for its natural warmth to dry his tired body. You can see why the word ‘sundried’ came to his mind, and then the idea of a line of accessories, plus apparel, focused on the outdoors and environmentally conscious was conceived. Although nothing of a sports-woman myself (quite the opposite actually), Sundried is a label originally created in Perú and that just makes me really proud! So, even if I’m not hiting the waves, or mounting on a skateboard any time soon, well, you’ll see me sporting these babies quite a lot and giving my utmost support to the people that are behind these fabulous pieces! Must not forget to say THANK YOU, for the wonderful present!

Sundried: Bamboo sunglasses



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