Sweet pink

Again another item that I have recovered from the dark side of my closet. (I seem to lose a lot of stuff on a black hole or something and they tend reappear when I try to put a little order!!!). Well, I tried ironing this shirt, it´s helpless! Since it´s silk it´s very delicate and apparently if I do it with sonething else on it to protect it, it doesn´t get straightened. But anyway, hope you don´t mind, I think it´s quite pretty even like this. (If you have any ideas they are well received). Of course, true to myself, I cannot appear like a cupcake, so I matched it with black and that way I feel comfortable.

Una vez más estoy usando algo que he recuperado de la parte oscura de mi armario. (Parece que suelo perder cosas en un agujero negro o algo así y tiendo a recuperarlas cuando intento poner algo de orden!!!). Bueno, les cuento que traté de planchar esta blusa pero es imposible! Como es seda es super delicada y tengo que hacerlo con algo encima para proteger la tela pero así no se plancha nada. De todas maneras, espero que no os importe, porque me sigue pareciendo linda aún así. (Si tenéis alguna sugerencia, es bien recibida). Por supuesto, tenía que ser fiel a mi misma y no podía parecer un pastelito de rosa así que lo combiné con negro y así sí que me siento cómoda.

Shirt/Camisa: Mango (old)

Skirt/Falda: Zara

Shoes/Zapatos: Mango

Necklace and cuff/Collar y puñera: H&M

Pictures by/Imágenes por: Esther Pascual

12 thoughts on “Sweet pink

  1. What a beautiful top, you were hiding it in your own closet? shame on you 😉 With silk items it’s the best to iron them and then directly put them on a hanger, because when an item still is a bit hot, the folds will come back easily. So, hang it out straight directly, so it won’t get any pressure. I like the top how it is though!

  2. This is really adorable look, dear~ I love the color and the way you styled up the whole outfit~!
    You have a really nice blog, interesting and clear, full of inspiring posts, useful links and nice photos, so
    I thought that it would be great to have so lovely girl among my followers and be your follower also~!
    Just join yours~! waiting for you in mine – hope we will be friends 🙂
    Nice blogging~!

    Olga / blogging from South Korea

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