Fact: I didn’t really know what Jonathan Simkhai was up to until a few days back when browsing the sales I found this lovely, flowy, very summer appropiate skirt. It was 70% off! And it just called my name, so I had to, really I had to add it to my bag. Of course, these kind of maxi skirts (I’ve never owned one before by the way, and there’s a reason for that) are made for supermodels, or really tall girls. So there was the possibility it was going to be too long for me, and I accepted those odds when pressing the ‘go ahead with your purchase’ button. A couple of days passed and DHL delivered (to the wrong address! But thankfully the issue was mended. Really DHL what is it with you, don’t you read labels any more)? Anyway, as soon as I arrived home, I carefully unpacked the item in question and it was better than imagined. The fabric was so light, so soft to the touch, as delicate as one can only imagine. I tried it on immediately and ran to look at myself in the mirror, but before I got there I knew, I already knew, it was too long. The damage was done though, I had fallen in love and I couldn’t turn back the clock, so what I could turn up was the waistline… so I rolled it up a bit, added a belt to hide it, and problem solved. I’m keeping the skirt!

Skirt: Jonathan Simkhai, T-shirt: Etre Cécile, Slides: Bimba y Lola, Bag: S. Laurent

Pictures by: Raquel


  1. This skirt appears to be new! Love it 🙂 And I spy Ruben in the window reflection 😉 Me encanta encanta encanta!!

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