I’ve been quite obsessed with last season’s Altuzarra skirt, you know the one that had a very pronounced slit on the side and three little laces to tie that up. I had seen it in the white and red stripes version but it was the navy one that captured my heart. (For some reason I’m all about navy these days). Well, I had searched high and low for a similar skirt, since I couldn’t afford the real deal, although maybe if I had the chance I would’ve gone bankrupt for it. Anyway, I stopped looking a while ago, not even Zara (master of knockoffs) had ventured on producing one. So, quite disappointed I set out to look for a unique skirt for fall. I wasn’t really turning every stone for such a skirt, just casually looking if the ocassion presented itself. That’s how I came to discover this Topshop Boutique beauty. The third day of LFW, after hours and hours at Somerset House, I decided I needed to clear my head (while shopping of course) and set out for my favourite spot in London, Oxford Circus and the five storey (I’m pretty sure it’s five) Topshop around the corner. Found nothing really the first time around, so I ventured out and just walked past another few stores without any luck. Then, for whatever reason, I went back inside Topshop… probably was thinking about a cupcake, but instead I found myself in front of the staircase that leads to the boutique section. I went for it… Heaven! Those were actually the stairways to heaven, no doubt, only angelical music was lacking… I wanted everything in that place (why do they keep it so hidden, guess that’s the whole point of paradise)! Immediately, I headed over a white skirt with a side lilac pleating and I was sure I was trying that on, but the corner of my eye caught sight of the same skirt, all in navy blue! Left the white one without further consideration, grabbed the other one and almost ran into the fitting room. As soon as I had tried it I knew, it was not only a special piece but it did remind me a little bit of the Altuzarra skirt, although it looked like it had met with Comme des Garçons as well. Perfect blend I thought… it was mine!

Skirt: Topshop Boutique (other version here), Tee: T-by Alexander Wang, Necklace: COS, Watch: Michael Kors, Trainers: Golden Goose, Bag: Saint Laurent, Shades: Dolce & Gabbana

Pictures by: Rubens

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