I don’t recall, and probably because I’m starting to loose a bit of my memory at this age of mine (not quite yet), but I think I haven’t worn this fantastic dress enough and haven’t told you how it came to be in my closet. When I saw that Vika Gazinskaya had done a collab capsule collection for & Other Stories, I just couldn’t contain my emotion and I was so excited when I saw this dress that I had to buy it right that very second (I suspected, and was right, that it would sell out as fast as a jack rabbit in front of a prairie fire). Anyway, the minute I hit the checkout button, something just wasn’t going right with the Other Stories website, I changed browsers, same thing. I even considered using my always dormant Explorer browser, but I came to the conlcusion that the website was just collapsing, overloaded by every gal like me who wanted a little piece of Vika. After several -and I mean SEVERAL- attempts, I just gave up… sort of. I was at the office at the time and had started to blame the lousy wi-fi instead. The darn clock apparently was dragging its feet that day, me being in a foul mood after my failed purchase endevour, but time to go home finally arrived and I ran out of that door before you could say Gazinskaya! (Remember the rabbit from before, that was me). Just imagine how much I wanted that dress (that by the way looked ravishing on the model, not so good on me though but love it still) that as soon I was safely seated on the bus I took out my iphone, went into the online store and pressed ‘checkout’ one more time. It worked! I had made it mine at last… had it been the internet, the web? Didn’t matter at that point. I kept smiling all the way back home.

Dress: Vika Gazinskaya for & Other Stories, Socks: Asos, Slides: Birkenstock, Belt: COS, Shades: Céline

Pictures by: Rubens

To my dearest Amy Wilmot who had to suffer that day because of my shopping addiction. Thanks for lending the laptop hun!

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