For all of you coupled love birds I do salute you on this day of highly enhanced affection… passion… ok lust maybe, or whatever it is you are currently experiencing… Hope your day is a better version of ’50 Shades Darker,’ and really hope watching that film is NOT your Valentine’s plan (please)! Anyway, for the rest of you mortals (me included of course) who are currently consciously uncoupled (thanks Gwyneth for that term) this day might seem a bit… how should I put it? Ordinary. Just another date on our calendar. Nothing special really, and that is quite fine trust me. So let me address all of you who find yourselves in this previously mentioned scenario:

Dear single gal/guy,
The ‘there is plenty of fish in the sea’ thing is not quite true, or maybe there are fish just loads of unsavoury ones. Another explanation, your fishing rod has a terrible aim (I know mine has). You know it, you’ve been there, so I do not have to explain much. But I find that there is always a silver lining. (I am an optimistic, and a romantic if you choose to believe it, even though some might think this is a bitter ranting). You should take this day as an opportunity to pamper yourself, to appreciate how special you are, and the fact that you don’t need anyone else to be complete (take that one Jerry Maguire)! Yes, you do not NEED anyone. Maybe, in the future, there will be someone great in your life, and you will want that person to be in it because he/she adds to your existence, but you do not NEED them, you may want them, you may love them, that much is true… So in case that prince charming/princess Peach never comes along -and I am pretty sure no one has gotten one yet, it’s always a work in progress- don’t fret, you’re good just as you are. Really, YOU ARE!

Have a great day, no matter your marital status!!! I love you guys!!!

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