A couple of days ago I was invited to a workshop organized by HipHunters. Never had been to one of these before and let me tell you I had a blast. We had a competition. Three actually. First we made a headband to go with some amazing necklaces by designer Lara Martí, then we had to make a collage, Picasso´s style,  for designer Isalda and last but not least… we made some fascinators with Mimoki!!!! I leave you here some pics I took… still trying to learn to hanlde my new camera!

Hace un par de días me invitaron a un workshop organizado por HipHunters. Debo decir que nunca he ido a uno de estos y me lo pasé fenomenal! Tuvimos una competencia, de hecho tres. Primero hicimos una pieza para combinar con los collares de Lara Martí, luego un collage, al estilo de Picasso para Isalda y finalmente, pero no menos importante, hicimos unas diademas con Mimoki!!! Os dejo unas fotos que tomé… todavía estoy tratando de acostumbrarme a mi nueva cámara!

And this is me taking a pic!/Y esta soy yo tomando fotos!

Picture by LifeBehavior

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