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Well, I have neglected to show some pics lately, due to Fashion Week frenzy!!! Sorry about that. I´ll be back to normal this week… In the meantime, some snapshots made with my phone will have to do. Hope you like them!

Bueno, he pecado de negligencia y no he puesto fotos esta semana debido a la locura que ha sido la semana de la moda!!! Lo siento. Esta semana si que vuelvo a la normalidad… Mientras tanto, os dejo algunas fotos hechas con mi móvil. Espero que os gusten!

Hey, I´m on Vine now!!! Hopefully I´ll make some videos!

Ah! Estoy en Vine ahora!!! Espero hacer muchos videos!

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  1. I love whenever you post instagram pictures. its like we are same person that finds the beauty in such little things like a print on a blouse or the scene of where i am! 🙂

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