Not so long ago, right about a couple of years back maybe, I embarked on a new denim direction… To put it quite plainly, I bought my first pair of mum fit jeans. It happened (of course) in fashionable London, while perusing the offerings of one of my favourite, and trendiest, high street stores: Topshop! At arrival, I made the usual reconnaissance tour; first the Boutique section (I love Unique but let’s face it, a bit out of budget especially when I expect to do so much while being on holiday), then the shoe section with no hope of fitting a pair into a small carry-on, and finally of course the denim area. Being that I had found nothing on the previous two quests I found myself trying the newest, yet vintage inspired, jeans. (Should they be called vintage or just plain old when they’re from the 80s or 90s? Hmmm, who knows…) Anyway, I distinctly remember the sales guy telling me they looked fabulous and that I ought to get a pair since it was definitely going to be a must have piece in my wardrobe. He even offered the same ones in a darker shade, though I thought one pair was a good starting point. Back home, NOT so trendy a city, I have to confess I only wore the darn jeans twice… at the most.

Fast forward to the present day… yes, yes, fall of 2016, and the (in)famous Mom jeans are literally everywhere! I dare say you can even get them at Lefties and Primark… though I’m not going down that road. Nothing personal, it’s just that I want my jeans to last at least a year! So you can guess what I’m about to say. It has taken a bit of time, but trendsetters and bloggers have finally succumbed to the denim in question and have made it a must have for every girl out there, yours truly included. Being that I disposed of my earlier Topshop jeans a year back, and I had to get rid of a Sandro version quite recently, I had to turn to dear old Zara. Got a black washed pair, and a dark blue one, and am considering a lighter version. I think it’s safe to say at this point that Mom jeans have taken a high position (pun intended) trend-wise, on our shopping lists, on our everyday wardrobe -ok, I could keep going but I won’t- and they’re here to stay. (At least for a couple of years).

To shop Topshop Mom jeans: here

To shop the Zara ones on the pic: here

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