While I’m still figuring out how to handle outfit pictures, I’ve got something fabulous to share with you. Some days ago I received an email from a lovely lady, offering me a couple of this fantastic bracelets. She was so kind as to send me more than just a couple, so I’m paying her generosity forward, and giving two of these (the ones you see above) to one lucky winner. To sum it up, this IS a giveaway! Here’s the deal… You do not need to follow me if you don’t want to, but I would kindly ask you to at least step in and see what The Wishlet is all about, because it is more than just pretty bracelets. Do read the fine print. I would however, like if you’d follow them on Facebook and Instagram (@thewishlet) and when you’ve done this, just leave me a comment below with your email and name, so I can reach you if you happen to win these. The giveaway is open worldwide! Everyone deserves a chance, right?

The winner will be announced on Sunday the 26th of October. Ps. More international giveaways on:

Special thanks to Irene, and good luck lovelies!

15 thoughts on “THE WISHLET GIVEAWAY!

  1. The bracelet looks awesome and I like the idea of giving back:) We all like helping others, I’m sure everyone does;)
    Though the sentence is marked on the website and Facebook, I find it still a bit confusing as I didn’t realise that means the phrase on the bracelet.

  2. My Facebook profile is Josephine Jo March. The bracelet looks wonderful and simple, i would like to have her 🙂

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