Well, it’s tricky when you’re tempted to open a newsletter that just happened to pop-up in your inbox a few seconds ago (fresh new items available)! So, that was my big mistake today. I almost never look at them but it was fate, I opened the & Other Stories one, advertising pearly items and then it was too late. I started browsing and immediately fell in love with this pearl bracelet, but just a few pictures below there it was… the choker! #LoveAtFirstSight After deciding to add that particular item to my wishlist I went along and clicked in ‘new-in,’ you know, just to see what’s up. #ColossalMistake Fell irreparably in love with this chunky knit (which I don’t know how, has to be mine at some point) and being that I’m broke right this second and unable to click on the ‘add to bag’ icon, thought the least I could do was feature it on the blog. That way it will be a little closer to me…  (Oh-oh, starting to detect some kind of weird problem here).

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