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Like a good shopper, I have to share the new stores I find on the web with all of you! This store, DinoDirect, I found recently and it has a vast selection of pretty much everything, but let´s concentrate on women´s clothing, which they have a great deal of too! I have found awesome key pieces in this store and at super special prices, which is always a great joy for us shoppers. I will show you what I´ve ordered as soon as I get it… and I hope you find great stuff for you here too!

Como una buena compradora, me siento obligada a compartir mis descubrimientos de tiendas con todas vosotras! Esta tienda, DinoDirect, la encontré hace nada y la verdad tiene prácticamente de todo, pero vamos a concentrarnos en las prendas de mujer que es lo que nos interesa y de lo cual tienen montones también! Yo he encontrado piezas super buenas y a precios increíbles, que siempre es un placer para nosotras compradoras. Os enseñaré que he comprado en cuánto me llegue… y de momento sólo espero que vosotras encontréis cosas interesantes aquí también!



23 thoughts on “The Shopper´s Guide

  1. I did check you the site and those items are my cup of tea;)..BTW, I love you pink heel in the other post:))

    Great blog. Definitively need to come back from time to time and check on you;)


  2. Very very attractive and inspiring look.The dresses are so beautiful and looking so latest.I liked too much of that great selection.Love your effort and for this nice post also.

  3. wow,is that korean fashion?it looks like it hehe:D
    but they are really great items
    btw maybe we can fllw each other?

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